Understable Mid-Range Discs for Beginning Disc Golfers

If you are new to disc golf, you might be finding yourself overwhelmed by all the different kinds of disc golf discs out there to choose from. Like many new players, you might have already grabbed a driver and a putter, but do you have a midrange yet?

Midrange disc golf discs are an important part of any disc golfer’s arsenal, but they are especially critical for beginning disc golfers. In fact, many professional disc golfers recommend beginners start out with just a midrange to help you develop strong habits and proper form. By first learning how to get the most out of your midrange discs, you will be better prepared to step up into higher speed drivers.

Some of the most popular midrange discs out there are what we call stable midranges, such as the Innova Roc, Discraft Buzzz, and Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder. While these are fantastic and popular discs for a good reason, in this article we will be discussing some of the best understable midranges.

While stable midranges are designed to fly straight with no to little high speed turn at the beginning of the flight, understable midranges are designed to offer plenty of turn early in its flight. This design makes these discs easier to throw further, and they are more forgiving for the beginner disc golfer.

Here are some great understable discs for beginners to consider:

Divergent Discs Leviathan


The Divergent Discs Leviathan is a newer disc on the market, but it has been an instant hit for the beginner disc golf market. Rather than focussing on manufacturing discs for professional players, Divergent Discs has focussed entirely on developing discs for the beginner and casual disc golfer. Because of this, just about all of their molds fall into the understable category. The Leviathan offers that desirable easy turn right out of the hand, while also providing plenty of glide in flight. That combination of turn and glide are what make the Leviathan my top choice for an understable midrange for beginning disc golfers.

Westside Tursas

westside tursas

This understable midrange has been a staple in the Westside Discs Lineup for a long time for good reason. The Tursas doesn’t turn as hard as some of the discs on this list, and it seems to really resist fading at the end of its flight. This makes it perfect for long turnover shots that need to hold the soft turning line they are thrown on. The Westside Tursas is an excellent choice for any beginning disc golfer.

Dino Discs Stegosaurus

dino discs stegosaurus

Similar to how Divergent Discs have focussed their manufacturing around beginner players, the newly launched Dino Discs manufacture discs targeted for kids. Their discs are lightweight and understable–and fun! The Stegosaurus mold is comfortable in the hand and is a great choice for beginner disc golfers, even if you are only a kid at heart these days.

Discraft Meteor

discraft meteor

The Discraft Meteor is an oldie but a goodie that seems to be having somewhat of a revival of sorts as I’ve seen more and more of them out on the course. The Meteor provides that nice understable turn and limited fade that we are looking for in this article. It also has a nice beadless rim that fits comfortably in the hand.

Infinite Discs Kon Tiki

infinite discs kon tiki

The Infinite Discs Kon Tiki might be the most unique of the discs on this list, as it has a very shallow beaded rim and a large dome. Most understable midranges are beadless, but the beaded Kon Tiki is still able to fly with plenty of turn before giving way to a soft, predictable fade that is perfect for beginning disc golfers.

Innova Mako 3

innova mako 3

One could argue that the Innova Mako 3 is more stable than understable since it holds a turn rating of 0 and a fade rating of 0, but many who have thrown the Mako 3, like me, could make a case that the Mako 3 flies with just a touch of turn that is easy to learn to control, while that 0 fade holds true. These qualities make it a great choice for beginner disc golfers who are looking to develop their form and armspeed.

Axiom Paradox

axiom paradox

If you are looking for something a little different, the beautiful discs in the Axiom Discs line are a great place to go, and the very understable Paradox is a great choice for beginner discs. Axiom Discs are made with Gyro Technology Overmolds, which give them a unique feel and flight.