Kastaplast Kaxe

Kastaplast is a new disc golf manufacturer out of Sweden. They currently make two golf discs in a unique premium plastic, including the midrange Kaxe, which I was able to test out.

From observing my test Kaxe, Kastaplast ensures great quality measures in their manufacturing process. This disc had no obvious blemishes or mold issues. The hot stamp on the disc looks to be very professional and well done.

IMG_3888The plastic Kastaplast uses is of high quality and has a great feel to it for disc golf discs. I’d compare it with Prodigy 400S and Prodiscus Premium. This is a good plastic, but there is nothing that really makes it stand out from other premium disc plastics on the market.

The Kastaplast Caxe itself is an overstable disc that is on the faster side of the midrange spectrum. Kastaplast describes the Kaxe like this:

Kaxe is a stable small diameter midrange driver. Some call it a fairway driver. With decent stability and slim proportions this disc will come in handy in numerous situations on the course. The input from our test throwers has been very positive. Kaxe is an old Swedish word and a soldiers’ name, meaning a stuck-up person.

I really liked throwing the Kaxe, and especially found it effective for forehand approach shots. There aren’t too many midranges that I’m comfortable throwing side arm, but this thing is stable enough that it can handle the torque I place on a sidearm toss. When thrown sidearm, the Kaxe has a pretty straight flight path with just a slight degree of high speed turn and a moderate amount of fade.

IMG_3889For backhand throws, the Kaxe is a very consistent disc that will remain very stable for me and always fade at the end of the flight. In terms of flight characteristics, I’d compare this midrange with the Dynamic Discs Verdict. Compared with the Verdict, the Kaxe has a little different feel to it, and isn’t quite as flat at the top. It also has a small bead at the bottom of the rim.

I was impressed with my first experience with Kastaplast. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it is nevertheless a very solid disc that could very well fit into many disc golfers bags. Right now Kastaplast discs are a bit pricey compared with most of the US made discs available. If the cost of the disc doesn’t factor into your disc selection process, you might as well try out the Kaxe for your overstable/ excellent forehand midrange slot.

The Kaxe is available for sale at Infinite Discs. Purchase your Kaxe online here. Kastaplast also now has other discs including the Berg Putter and the Grym Driver.