Axiom Simon Line Pixel Review

Simon Line Axiom Pixels in Soft, Medium, and Firm blends.

I was thrilled to get an early look at the Simon Lizotte Pixel, a new release from Axiom that’s poised to be the hit disc of 2024.

Simon Lizotte, the most popular professional disc golf, not only endorses but helped design the Pixel.  The Pixel putter is designed for any player to pick up and excel with.  Given the popularity of the Simon Lizotte Time Lapse, an overstable 13-speed driver that was a top seller last year despite being too overstable for 95% of disc golfers, the Pixel’s success seems even more assured.

After my testing with the Pixel, I’m confident it will meet the high expectations of disc golfers.  The Pixel nails it with a dependable flight that is dead straight.  It’s available in three variations of Electron plastic:  Soft, Medium, and Firm.  Personally, I found the Soft too soft for my preference and opted for the Medium, which felt close to the N Blend Infinite Discs Alpaca I usually putt with, albeit slightly softer.

The Pixel has an excellent feel to it and the shape is what you would get if the Discmania P2 and MVP Spin putter had a baby. This image shows the side by side comparison of an Alpaca and the Pixel. The double mold pixel is the white and orange disc on top with my trusty blue Alpaca on the bottom.

Axiom Pixel Profile compared with the Infinite Discs Alpaca.


Pixel as a Putting Putter

As a putting putter, the Axiom Pixel excels.  Grabbing the Pixel feels natural and sure, kind of like shaking hands with an old friend, which really ups my putt game and calms those jitters on the green. This disc really shines for long circle two spin putts, maintaining a straighter flight towards the end compared to the Alpacas that exhibit a little more fade, possibly due to its shape or gyro technology.

Its feel of the Pixel reminds me of the Alpaca, not surprising given both discs’ ties to the original Discmania P2 mold that Simon once used.  But it does have a distinct design, particularly noticeable by the abrupt slant on the bottom half of the wing.

This shape, along with the gyro technology likely contributes to its remarkably straight flight.

Bottom of Axiom Pixel

Pixel for Throwing and Approach Shots

When it comes to approach shots, the Pixel stands out with its dependable straight path—exactly what you need for those tight wooded fairways.  While I don’t often throw putters with full power, the Pixel’s performance in shorter throws suggests it will be well-received for its versatility, akin to discs like the Polecat and, to a lesser extent, the Glitch.  For throwing putters and approach discs I prefer a harder plastic, and so will have to try the Pixel out in a Neutron or Plasma variety when it’s available.

Cons of the Axiom Pixel

The only drawback of the Pixel, particularly with Simon Lizotte’s name attached, is the price. Choosing the Simon Line Pixel as your go-to putter is a solid bet, albeit a bit pricey—it’s an investment in quality that could pay off on the course.

Overall, MVP hit a homerun with the making of the new Simon Line Pixel. This is going to be a hot disc all year long that a lot of players are going to love. Grab your limited edition discs as soon as they are available. You can pre-order the Simon Line pixel here.