Top Disc Golf Brands and Manufacturers

Disc golf brands from around the world

What is the difference between a disc golf brand and manufacturers?

A disc golf brand is the identity of a company that sells and markets products. Companies and organizations that produce disc golf products and have a brand have their name or logo printed on the disc or other products. They sell products, but don’t necessarily make the products themselves.

A disc golf manufacturer refers to a company that actually produces the discs. This is where the actual manufacturing of the product takes place distribution.

Top Disc Golf Brands

So what are the best disc golf brands? I’m using a few different metrics to help us figure that out.

Google Trends Data

According to Google Trends, these are the top brands in disc golf based on search term volume. Because some search queries need to be different for the different brands (you can’t just type Infinite for Infinite Discs otherwise you’re getting lots of results that have nothing to do with the disc golf company).

Discraft – Discraft is the #1 brand from google search queries, but a majority of that traffic is for their Ultimate products. If you add “disc” to th search query that drops it significantly.

Innova – For the complete brand name, Innova Champion Discs, the search queries are relatively low. A query for just Innova brings many results for other Innova companies that have nothing to do with disc golf. When I add “disc” to the search term Innova is up there right next to Dynamic and Infinite Discs.

Dynamic Discs – Dynamic Discs has done an outstanding job of elevating their brand. As a disc line and a US distributor for all Trilogy products Dynamic is one of the top five disc golf brands.

Infinite Discs  -Infinite Discs comes in next as seen on the red line. While the Infinite disc line represents some of the search queries, being the #1 disc golf website also surely contributes to the large google search volume.

Discmania – Discmania rounds out our top 5 disc golf brands according to google search terms. When you run search queries for the entire year, it actually ranks second. However, much of it’s search traffic came when Simon Lizotte left Discmania. The overal trend since that point has been substantially less for Discmania where it ranks as the fifth most searched disc golf brand.

Latitude 64 – Latitude 64th is the sixth most popular disc golf brand according to google search, and the historic season from Kristen Tattar certainly helped their cause.

MVP – MVP marks the seventh most searched disc golf brand and it’s popularity absolutely skyrocketed with the announcement of the Simon Lizotte signing.

Prodigy – Prodigy disc is the eight most commonly searched disc golf brand

Kastaplast – To my surprise Kastaplast was the ninth most searched disc golf brand, part of it may be contributed to the single word keyword.

Axiom Discs – MVP’s side brand rounds up the top 10.

To finish off the top 15 our next most popular disc golf brands are Westside, Lone Star Discs, Thought Space Athletics, and Clash Discs.

Best Brands: Infinite Discs Sales

Next we are going to look at brand sales based on popularity from the #1 retailer in disc golf. While Infinite Discs is a retailer, the fact that they also have their own brand likely skews the actual popularity of the Infinite line compared to results from another leading retailer. Here are the best disc golf brands based on direct to consumer sales.

Top Selling Brands

1 Innova
2 Infinite Discs
3 Discraft
5 Axiom
6 Lone Star Disc
7 Thought Space Athletics
8 Discmania
9 Latitude 64
10 Dynamic Discs
11 Prodigy
12 Kastaplast
13 Westside
14 Clash Discs
15 Gateway
16 Doomsday Discs
17 Yikun
18 Dino Discs
19 Finish Line Discs
20 Streamline
21 RPM Discs
22 Divergent Discs
23 Viking Discs
24 Mint Discs
25 DGA

The results are pretty similar with the search queries. The big difference is in the sales of Dynamic Discs based on it’s ranking for search queries. Part of this may be attributed to the fact that the Dynamic Discs website makes a lot of sales for all of the trilogy brands. Many people typing in a “Dynamic Discs” query may be looking to buy another brand from the Dynamic Discs website.

I was really surprised to see that DGA barely made the top 25 list. This is the original disc golf company and invest a lot in sponsoring top players like Catrina Allen and Cole Redalen.

Globe showing parts of the world where discs are made.

Top 4 Disc Golf Manufacturers in the World

There are not nearly as many disc golf manufacturers as there are disc golf brands because many disc golf manufacturers produce discs for multiple brands.


Innova likely produces more discs than any other disc golf manufacturer. They have more unique molds in their line than any other disc golf brand. Not only is the Innova line #1 in disc golf sales, they also produce Infinite Discs and Millennium Discs. Innova’s manufacturing facilities are located in California. They also have a huge east coast distribution center in Rockhill, South Carolina.

We’re really not sure who the next biggest disc golf manufacturer is after Innova. It could be any of the next three:


Discraft is clearly a behemoth in the frisbee manufacturing world. They pretty much have a monopoly on the Ultimate side of things and their disc golf brand growth over the last few years has been impressive. The number of discs they produce for the Ledgestone open alone is astonishing. In addition for manufacturing the Discraft line, they also produce most DGA discs.

All Discraft discs are manufactured in Michigan.

Latitude 64

Latitude 64 is definitely up their in the disc manufacturing world. This is our only top disc golf manufacturing facility out side of the US. Latitude 64 is located way up North in Sweden, at Latitude 64. They arguably have the most state of the art equipment and manufacture for the Latitude 64 brand, Dynamic Discs, Westside, Discmania, and Kastaplast. With their newest acquisition of the rapidly growing Kastaplast brand Latitude 64 might actually be the #2 disc manufacturer. But because neither house of discs or Innova will release their production numbers, we can only speculate.

MVP Disc Sports

MVP is likely the fastest growing disc golf manufacturer. MVP owns four in-house disc golf brands: MVP, Axiom, Streamline, and Remix. In addition, they also manufacture for Thought Space Athletics, Mint Discs, and Jester Disc Golf.

MVP Disc sports produces discs in Michigan.

Other Top Manufacturers around the World

In the last four years disc golf has exploded and new manufacturers have entered the market from around the world. Here is a breakdown of known disc golf manufacturers and where they make their discs.

Discs Made in the USA

Doomsday Discs – Doomsday Discs is an upcoming brand with one of their lines manufactured at an undisclosed location in the USA.

Lone Star Discs – This is one of the fastest growing disc golf brands and manufacturers located in Texas. You can’t get more American than that.

Gateway – Gateway Disc Sports is another well known disc golf manufacturer that manufacturers discs for a variety of different brands including, Gateway, Storm Discs, Aquaflight, Reptillian, and ITC Discs. Their manufacturing facility is located in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

Legacy – Legacy discs manufacturers discs in their Legacy line as well as discs for sub brands like Birdie Disc Supply and Terminal Velocity Discs.

EV-7 – EV-7 is a disc golf manufacturer located in Georgia. They also manufacture discs for Finish Line, Birdie Disc Supply,  and possibly other brands as well.

Prodigy Disc – Prodigy manufacturers many of their premium plastic discs at their facility in Georgia.


Daredevil Discs is located in Canada.


Loft Discs is the first disc golf manufacturer from Denmark.


Disctroyer is an Estonian disc golf manufacturer.


Like most things in our modern world, a number of different disc golf discs are manufactured in China.

Discmania Discs – Discs from the Discmania Active line are all produced at Yikun’s facility in China.

Divergent Discs – Divergent discs is a brand focused on beginners that is manufactured in China.

Prodigy Discs – Prodigy’s Ace Line and Pro Series discs for Kevin Jones, Cale Leiviska, Isaac Robinson, and Gannon Buhr are all manufactured at their facility in China. This gives them a less expensive disc option than those made at their Georgia facility.

X-Com Discs – X Com is a Chinese disc golf manufacturer that also specializes in Ultimate Frisbee in European nations.

Yikun Discs – Yikun is likely the biggest Chinese disc golf manufacturer making discs for their own line, Discmania, Kestrel Disc Golf, Wild Discs, and possibly Neptune and Viking Discs.


Clash Discs – Which is one of the fastest growing disc golf brands makes their discs in Finland.

Prodiscus is a Finnish brand that also manufactures other brands including Lucky Discs.

Viking Discs is a disc golf brand located in Finland. However, their discs may actually produced elsewhere.


Crosslap Discs – Crosslap is a German disc golf brand that has been around for more than a decade.

Eurodisc – Eurodisc is a new disc golf brand focused on being eco friendly. Their discs are proudly made in Germany.


Alfa Discs is a disc golf brand manufacturing in Norway.

New Zealand

RPM discs manufactures beautiful plastic discs out of Auckland, New Zealand.

Sweden – Swedish Discs

Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, Westside, Discmania, and Kastaplast discs are all manufactured at Latitude 64’s manufacturing facility.

United Kingdom

Both Launch Discs and Disc Golf UK discs are made in the United Kingdom in Warwick, England.

Well there you have it. We’ve dissected the roles and impacts of both disc golf brands and manufacturers within the industry. This analysis has offered a deep dive into the elite circle of brands like Discraft, Innova, Latitude 64 and MVP, measured by their surge in searches and sales figures. We’ve also explored disc golf manufacturing, spotlighting Innova’s dominance and acknowledging the significant contributions of Discraft, Latitude 64, and MVP Disc Sports. Lastly we’ve shared insights into all the places disc golf discs are manufactured around the world.