Distance Drivers

Disc golf discs are considered distance drivers when they have an aerodynamic contour and wide rims. Most distance drivers have a rim width (wing length) between 2 and 2.5 centimeters. Just because a disc is classified as a distance driver does not necessarily mean that it will provide you with more distance, especially for beginners. For new disc golfers understable fairway drivers will likely provide the most distance.

Innova Ape

The Innova Ape is not a good disc for beginners. Initially I thought that throwing the Ape would be a great disc for making hyzer distant shots with a strong fade. Well it might be …

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Discraft XS

The Discraft XS is a great disc, especially for beginners. It is a straight flying long range driver with a narrow wing length. If your score on a round of disc golf is an indicator …

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Innova “Boss”

The Innova Boss is the first, and probably the most popular Speed 13 Distance Driver. It comes in all plastic varieties. The latest greatest thing to happen to the Boss is the new “Blizzard Champion …

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