I live in beautiful Cache Valley Utah with my wife and four boys. I've worked as an internet marketing specialist for the last decade. In my free time, I enjoy throwing plastic discs as far as I can, which isn't very far.

Obsidian Discs

Obsidian Discs

Obsidian Discs is another European Disc Golf brand whose discs recently hit the shelves in the United States.  Obsidian discs are manufactured in Finland. The company has been around since 2014, but it took pandemic shortages to provide the demand to import these discs to the US. Obsidian currently have seven different disc molds listed …

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Hot Deals on Amazon Today

If you’re a bargain hunter and want really cheap discs, check out these deals today. Reviewer Bait Amazon Deals For the absolute best deals on, shop using this link. These products are generally newer products where the sellers are encouraging buyers to get reviews on Amazon, or else Amazon items that have a surplus …

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Divergent Discs Logo

Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs might be the hottest new disc golf brand of 2021. There are dozens of different disc golf manufacturers, but their focus is on professional and advanced players. This is where Divergent “diverges” from the mainstream focus. Rather than focus on professional players, like everybody else, they focus on the other 90% that play …

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