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New disc golf products are regularly hitting the market. These posts discuss our opinions of some of the latest disc golf related products.

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Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs might be the hottest new disc golf brand of 2021. There are dozens of different disc golf manufacturers, but their focus is on professional and advanced players. This is where Divergent “diverges” from the mainstream focus. Rather than focus on professional players, like everybody else, they focus on the other 90% that play …

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Video Review of the MVP MATRIX Plus Beginner MVP Discs

It’s time to check in with one of our favorite, down-to-earth, disc golf YouTubers, TUCK4S1.  He recently got a some easy-to-throw MVP discs from Infinite Discs and put together some helpful video reviews.  In this first video he looks at the ATOM putter, the TANGENT mid-range, and the ORBITAL distance driver: In this next video, TUCK4S1 takes a look at …

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The DGA Pipline Precision Fairway Driver

The PIPELINE is the latest disc offering from DGA, a company that uses the slogan, “Simplify Your Game” as they’ve released some very player-friendly, easy-to-throw discs lately.  The SAIL was a recently released, understable distance driver that really flies well for beginners, as well as working wonderfully for anhyzer turns for experienced players. Now, as a compliment, the …

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