Rovic RV1D Disc Golf Cart Review

Cart with lots of discs

This past weekend I had a chance to test out the new ProActive Sports RV1D Disc Golf cart at a tournament.

Pro Active Sports is a company that already makes push carts for traditional ball golf. To their credit, they are acknowledging the growth of disc golf and are pushing to expand their market this way. By the design, you can tell that this cart was modified slightly to work for disc golf bags.

The Rovic cart has three plastic wheels, is light weight, and is very easy to roll around. The cart is collapsible and easily fits into the trunk of my Toyota Corrolla.

The simple design allows a disc golf bag to be attached by simply hanging the straps from the adjustable arms. This cart will work with all the current disc golf backpacks on the market as well as just about any other type or style of bag. The Rovic disc golf cart also features a hand break to use on hills that will prevent the cart, and your discs, from rolling away (as long as you actually use it). The RV1D comes with a cup/water bottle holder, umbrella clip, and a handy holder that allows your Umbrella to protect you and your disc golf bag during rainy rounds.

Additional Accessories

Rovic Cooler Bag ATtachmentThe RV1D has some additional accessories that are highly recommended for disc golf tournaments.

You can purchase a seat as well as an additional cooler storage bag perfect for packing snacks, drinks, and additional discs. Because this cart is designed to for use with existing disc golf bags, it doesn’t need a lot of additional pouches and knick knacks because everything you can fit in a premium bag, will still be with you on your cart.

What I Liked About the RV1D Disc Golf Cart

This cart was great for a two round one day tournament. I have used a Zuca All Terrain Cart for several years and the RV1D cart is easier to roll, especially on rough terrain. With three wheels instead of just two and because of the comfortable height of the handle, you don’t always have to have a hand on your cart while walking making it much easier to text and walk between holes (not that anyone would do that).

Rovic Cart With Umbrella Holder AttachmentAs a standalone cart that works with all bags, you don’t have to empty the contents of your disc golf bag in order to use the cart for the next round. Simply unfold the cart and hang your bag. The durable plastic wheels are light weight and  and you don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire when rolling it through thorny grounds.

I really liked the “cell phone” storage bin and “score card holder” strap at top of the cart. The location right by your hands is very accessible and convenient.

While it fortunately did not rain during my tournament rounds, I love the “hands free” concept and simplicity of the umbrella holder.  For disc golfers in very wet areas, I would highly recommend this cart just for the built in umbrella roof. I’ve tried attaching an umbrella to my Zuca before, but the umbrella is just not high enough for a person six feet tall to comfortably stand like I can with the Rovic.

Disadvantages of the Rovic Cart

While it’s not hard to expand and collapse the Rovic cart, it takes me about five minutes every time I want to get it in and out of my car.  It takes time to to remove the bag and attach the bag straps and expand or shrink the cart. I’m not a very patient person and so this is too much time for me for a casual disc golf round. For recreational rounds, I just want to grab, go, and play.

For slow tournament rounds, the permanent seat on a cart is the a huge selling point for me. This is the primary reason I got a Zuca All Terrain cart. The RV1D seat is adequate, but it is not as comfortable or sturdy as the Zuca. The seat attachment is essentially a one legged stool that remains upright because it is attached to the wheel arm. The stool only touches the ground when you are actually sitting on it. The cart itself is not strong enough to hold the weight of a person. I only weigh 160 pounds, and was confident in the seats performance, but I question the long term durability of it, especially for the big boys.

When expanded, the Rovic Cart takes up a significant amount of space. The cart is three and a half feet tall, 3 feet long and  the rear wheel base is more than two and a half feet wide. The size of the cart does not make it ideal for navigating narrow trails or through thickly wooded courses, especially if you struggle to keep your discs in the fairway.


Overall, the Rovic RV1D cart is a great option for tournament disc golfers who like having the option to carry their same backpack or use it with a cart depending on the particular disc golf round. This cart rolls around easier than other disc golf carts, will work with all disc golf bag, and has an efficient umbrella holder. This is a solid option for disc golfers looking for something that will carry a lot of stuff without straining the back.

The Rovic RV1D cart is currently available at Infinite Discs. Purchase it here.