Westside To Add New Midrange Discs to Lineup


Westside is adding three new discs to their lineup in Spring 2013, each falling into the category of midrange discs, as their speed ranges anywhere between 5 – 8.

The diversity expands the arsenal which Westside offers. Westside, until next spring, has been a carrier of a variety of drivers as well as their Swan (putter). The new addition makes their set much more complete, and it makes a decent argument that if a player desires, they could go 100% Westside in their league play.

Westside Stag

Precise and reliable stable control driver. Straight flight path and amazing glide. – Westsidediscs.com

Flight ratings for the Stag are 8/6/0/3. With a fantastic glide, moderate speed, and overstable on the turn, this disc looks like it will a fantastic approach when you need some steady turn and a stronger hook at the end of your shot.

The Stag will be available in weights of 161 – 175g

Westside Underworld

Understable control driver that combines glide with precision regardless of arm strength.- Westsidediscs.com

Don’t let the picture of the Underworld scare you a way. This disc will be an essential understable midrange driver. With flight ratings of 7/6/-3/1, this disc will be fantastic for forehand players who are stubborn to throw in a situation which calls for backhand, and vice versa.

The Underworld will be available in weights of 161 – 175g

Westside Tursas

Understable mid-range with outstanding control for unhyzers. Very easy to throw. – Westsidediscs.com

The Tursas appears to be an understable tank of a disc. With flight ratings at 5/5/-3/1, this disc is a solid understable midrange/ borderline approach disc. This disc will favor the throwers that tend to throw straight and fast, as well as beginners.

The Tursas will be available in weights of 161g up to a whopping 180g.

We are extremely excited to get our hands on these and test them out as soon as the weather warms up in April!