MVP Ion vs. Infinite Discs Tomb–World Series of Putters Round 1

Today we continue the Disc Golf World Series of Putters where every day I test two putter molds against one another on the putting green in a head-to-head competition and then post about my experience and the results. For today’s match in the P2 region we have the 7 seed MVP Ion taking on the 10 seed Infinite Discs Tomb. First, let’s meet our competitors.


The Ion was the very first disc mold ever produced by MVP Disc Sports when they first launched in 2009. Like all MVP molds, the Ion features their GYRO technology overmold designed to improve all aspects of the flight of the disc.

The Ion is a moderately tall putter mold with a bead along the bottom of the rim. The Ion should fly straight with a moderately overstable finish. It’s shape and flight is quite similar to the Gateway Wizard. I actually almost purchased an Ion instead of a Wizard when I was first shopping for a putter over 10 years ago now.

I may have chosen the Ion if it was available in MVP’s Electron Soft plastic blend at the time, which is what I used today while testing the Ion.

Infinite Discs Tomb

The Infinite Discs Tomb was one of the first disc molds released under the Infinite Discs name. Like all Infinite Discs branded discs, the Tomb is made in California by Innova Champion Discs.

The Tomb is an extremely shallow beaded putter with a flat top that rounds into a very flat, blunt edge along the rim. It is very similar to the Innova Colt and Stud. The Tomb is a straight to overstable flyer that has become a very popular option for a driving putter. Today I used a pair of blank X-out D-Blend Tombs.

Specifications and Flight Numbers

Let’s take a look at some of the specs courtesy of the PDGA and break down the major differences between these two putter molds.



Flight Numbers: 2.5/3/0/1

Flight Numbers: 3/4/-0/1
Max Weight: 174.3gr
Diameter: 21.0cm
Height: 1.9cm
Rim Depth: 1.6cm
Rim Thickness: 1.1cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 18.8cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 7.6%
Rim Configuration: 62.50
Flexibility: 2.83kg
Max Weight: 176.8gr
Diameter: 21.3cm
Height: 1.6cm
Rim Depth: 1.3cm
Rim Thickness: 1.1cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 19.1cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 6.1%
Rim Configuration: 65.50
Flexibility: 7.60kg
The Most glaring difference here is the height as the Tomb is now the shortest putter we’ve tested so far (I’m pretty sure it will keep that designation throughout the World Series of Putters). As you’d probably expect, the Tomb is not a very glidey disc, but it’s unique rim shape helps it to maintain its stability for longer and resist its fade (this is also probably why the Tomb has still been given a 4 glide rating by Infinite despite its low profile).
Of course, the MVP Ion features its own unique rim with its GYRO technology overmold. When taking a closer look at the rim, I was a bit surprised at first to see the bead on the rim is actually a part of the main flight plate on the disc and not the overmold. I wondered if the seam between the two pieces of plastic would cause some discomfort or awkwardness in the grip, but the molding is perfect and the seam is hardly noticeable at all when gripping the disc.
The Electron Soft and D-Blend plastics feel pretty similar to each other, but something I’ve noticed (and liked) about the Electron Soft MVP/Axiom putters so far is that the overmold is quite a bit firmer along the rim, which makes the disc feel less soft the closer it is to the rim. I still think I’d prefer the grip of the Electron Firm, but the less soft feel caused by the overmold rim is a positive for me.

The Match

For more info on the format and scoring system I used to test these putters against each other, be sure to check out our main World Series of Putters post.
I conducted this match later in the evening at a local disc golf course on a permanent Innova Discatcher basket. There was no wind or weather to speak of. After warming up with both discs, a coin flip determined that the MVP Ion would go first on the first set of putts. Here is how it all played out:

(7) Ion Scorecard

(10) Tomb Scorecard

20ft: Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y (10/10 putts made)=30 points
20ft: N N Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y (7/10)=21 points
30ft: Y Y N Y N Y N N N Y (5/10)=20 points
30ft: N N Y Y Y N Y N Y Y (6/10)=24 points
40ft: N N Y N N N N N N N (1/10)=5 points
40ft: N N Y N N N N N N N (1/10)=5 points
Total: 55 points
Total: 50 points

The Winner

This one was very close and came down to the wire, but the perfect performance from 20ft was enough to help the 7 seed MVP Ion manage to score just 5 more points than the 10 seed Infinite Discs Tomb to claim the victory with a score of 55-50.

Notes from the Match

It was a solid night of putting for me across the board. Despite such different disc heights that required pretty different grips on the discs, they flew pretty similarly so I was able to stay in a bit of a groove as I went through the match. This one definitely could have gone either way, but I think I did find myself favoring the Ion a bit as the match went on for two main reasons.
First, I preferred the height of the Ion. I think I could get used to a shallow disc like the Tomb and get pretty good and consistent with it, but the Ion just felt like a more natural fit in my hand. I also think I liked the way the Ion glided out of my hand because of its height as well, but like the grip, maybe it was just what I was used to and not necessarily “better.”
The second thing is the plastic blend. Like I described above, the overmold on the Electron Soft Ion helped to firm up the plastic as it got closer to the rim. It also makes the disc less flexible all around since the overmold needs to bend for the disc to flex. The D-Blend Tomb is the softest base plastic available in the Infinite Discs line. I wonder if I had a stiffer P-Blend Tomb instead if it would have been enough to help give the Tomb the victory instead. But with these plastic blends and on this night, it was the Ion that came out victorious.

My Recommendation

I think that for a putting putter I’d recommend giving the Ion a shot. I had a good performance with the Tomb, so if you want to try it for putting, go for it, but I’d recommend you make sure to hold it in your hand and try out the low-profile grip and feel before you stock up on a bunch of them.
The MVP Ion awaits the winner of tomorrow’s final match in the first round of the P2 region between the 2 seed Gateway Wizard and the 15 seed Alfa Snoopy. Be sure to check back tomorrow and every day to stay up to date on the results of the World Series of Putters.