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So today as Kirk and I were testing out some discs, (we were actually testing out putters, but got a little distracted), Kirk managed to throw my Innova Beast into a canal. To his credit, it was really windy, so we can’t blame the errant throw on his abilities alone.

After removing his shoes and getting in the mucky water, we were unable to find the disc. Beneath the foot or so of water is a huge layer of mossy muddy sludge. I’m thinking the disc got swallowed up and lost in that stuff. Well, if the disc floated, it would have avoided the sludge, and would have been much easier to find.

If only there was a floating disc golf disc….

After doing some research, there are several floating discs made by Innova! The Dragon and Wahoo  are distance drivers that float, and the Hydra is a floating putt and approach disc . So if you are going to be golfing in a place where a floating Frisbee would be helpful, you may want to invest in the Dragon or Wahoo. If you’re putting at a basket that is dangerously close to a deep body of water, you may want to purchase the “Hydra.”

Also, for floating discs of just about any variety, the disc manufacturer Lightning Golf Discs’ standard plastic floats. They produce 25 different discs that float, everything to over-stable drivers to under-stable putters. These discs are really inexpensive as well. Lightning is a great place to look if you’re looking for the perfect disc to safely get you over that water hazard.

Updated Post March 2017

Millennium, makes a floating driver, appropriately named “Aquarious” and a new disc brand, AquaFlight, also makes floating disc golf discs!

Here’s some links to help you buy one of the available floating disc golf discs:


Midrange Discs:


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