Maximize Your Disc Golf Experience With Bright Colored Discs

The main disc golf course that Kirk and I play in Providence Utah is a really rugged course. It wasn’t built on a park with luscious green fields, but on a mountainous hillside with wild grass, plants, shrubs. bushes, trees, rocks, and dirt. Even if you throw your discs perfectly, you’re going to spend time trying to find them. There are no real “fairways.”

As Kirk and I played a round of 18, the two main discs he used were dull white. It’s the end of very dry July in Utah, and most of the grass is dead and white. The less dense dying vegetation does make finding discs a little easier, but the very light dead grass makes a great camouflage for white golf discs.

We both had fairly good rounds of disc golf, but it seems like that for almost all of Kirk’s throws, we had to spend five minutes just trying to find where the disc landed. I’m not just talking about long distance drives either, he had a few approach shots where we also struggled to locate his disc. On the sixth hole, Kirk had what appeared to be an absolutely perfect shot. When we got down near the basket it wasn’t there. Fifteen minutes later he finally located the white disc, hidden under a leaf just 10 feet from the basket.

I used blue, bright red, and pink discs; we never had any problems finding my frisbees. The round took us about 45 minutes longer than I had planned and I ended up being late for dinner.

Moral of the story: If you want to maximize your disc golf experience, use brightly colored golf discs.

What are the best colors for disc golf discs?

Camouflaged Golf Discs

While many online disc golf vendors don’t give you a choice of color, some do. If you play on nicely groomed parks with green grass, any light colored discs will probably work just fine. If the courses you play like to hide golf discs through natural camouflage, then it’s well worth an extra buck to get bright discs.

For the courses I use, I think bright red/pink/orange discs are best. There are very few large pink objects in nature, so these discs stand out among the natural vegetation. Sure, these disc colors are a little girly, but I’d rather throw a pink disc and be able to easily find it than spend hours looking for a camouflaged disc.

White discs blend right in with dead grass, concrete, and white rocks. Dull yellow discs are almost as bad. Green and black discs are probably the worst colors for golf discs as they become nearly invisible when thrown in thick vegetation. Blue discs get lost when you throw the in the sky (okay, not really, in fact some people say the sky isn’t really blue anyways).

If you want to have more fun on the disc golf course, throw bright pink discs.
What color discs do you think are best?

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