Innova Katana

The Innova Katana is one of the more understable ultra high speed drivers available. With a turn rating of -3, this driver is not quite as understable as the the Innova Vulcan. Newer players with less speed and snap will find the Katana to be overstable while more experienced disc golfers will be able to get a healthy degree of high speed turn and a nice S-Curve flight for maximum distance.

The Katana is one of the less expensive Speed Thirteen distance Drivers you can buy. It is available in all the major plastics including DX, so you can purchase one for less than $8. It also comes in the Blizzard Champion plastic, which gives it less weight and more control for beginners and intermediate players. The Katana has potential to perform a serious S curve with major potential. It has a both a turn rating, and fade of 3. Here are what the professional reviewers have to say about these makes of the Innova Katana:

The Katana also comes in the very light weight Blizzard plastic. The lighter weights give finesse throwers more distance.

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One thought on “Innova Katana

  1. Just got a blizzard champion 144 Katana. I love it! I don’t have a huge arm and average snap, and this disc consistently went 30-50 feet farther than everything else in my bag today, every time, including my trusty champ orc. It spreads out the S curve to the max when thrown flat to slightly anny, so it was working best for me on wide open holes with lots of room. Glides FOREVER I was actually making it inside the circle on 360-380 ft par 3’s. Very happy! (Still missed the birdie though, ughh)…

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