Discraft XS

The Discraft XS is a great disc, especially for beginners. It is a straight flying long range driver with a narrow wing length.

If your score on a round of disc golf is an indicator of a good disc, then for me the XS is a great one. In a test using the XS as my only disc for a round (no midrange, no putter, just the XS) I shot a -2 at my local Smithfield course. This is the best round I’ve ever had at this course using only one disc for every shot.

This disc is not only easy to control, but it’s a great glider and can get some distance. In 2001 this disc actually set a world distance record of 712 feet.

When it comes to long distance drivers, this is one of the straightest flying discs you’ll find. The disc I’m testing comes in the Elite X plastic and has a Discraft stability rating of 1.This plastic offers a good grip, and is durable enough to handle courses without lots of rocks and hard obstacles.

The XS is available in both Elite Z, and Elite X plastics. The Elite Z version of the XS is more overstable and actually has a stability rating of 1.5.