Discraft Nuke

The Discraft Nuke I tested came in the hard “Z” plastic. This is a flat disc with a sharp rim. After throwing it forehand for a few hours, the inside of my index finger started feeling raw. As my finger gets tougher and callouses, this probably won’t be an issue, but I’ve had this many throws with Innova discs before and haven’t ever had this much raw tenderness. I’m pretty confident “Z” plastic is even harder than Innova Champion plastic.

In a few years I’ll probably like the Nuke a lot more, but right now while we’re doing our “beginner” reviews, I’d recommend beginners and intermediate players looking for a good Discraft Distance disc to go with the Discraft Flash.

Discraft Nuke: Distance Testing Results

The Nuke is a maximum distance driver made by Discraft for power throwers. According to Discrafts ratings, the Nuke has a stability rating of 1.6, although after doing a number of test throws it really seems more overstable than that, probably because we just don’t have enough power to throw it the speed it needs. Discraft’s website says it “delivers virtually effortless maximum distance for moderate and expert players.”.I believe the expert part. It really seemed like I needed a lot more power to get this disc to go even average driver distance. I must not be a moderate player either as the Nuke was not a great distance driver for us in our forehand test throws. It compares a lot with the Innova Ape in needing serious power to get distance results.

One thought on “Discraft Nuke

  1. When I first started playing, bought this because of the “fast” fastest” “long distance” without really looking into the technique and power needed to produce those descriptions in my throws. Now that I have developed a more powerful snap to go along with my power, this disc turns over more on a straight drive, then hyzers down (kinda like a -1/-2 Hispeed turn, 2/3 low speed fade or (12/4/-2/3 innova rating).
    I went ahead and got the Nuke OS and Nuke SS to round out my driver flight patterns. I enjoy this disc a lot more with better technique, kinda like the flick, of which sat in my bag till I realized its technical utility.

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