New Backpack Bags from Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs just announced the release of two new backpack style bags. With Dynamics past bag experience, these two items will be hot sellers for the summer of 2016.

Dynamic Discs Ranger H20


The first bag, the Ranger H2O is an enhanced version of the ultra popular Ranger bag. This bag has the same general shape and look but with a few added upgrades, all of which are centered around “H20”:

  1. The first upgrade will help reduce water damage and overall bag life and durability. The bottom of every H20 Ranger bag is lined with plastic that goes up 4 inches along the sides.
  2. The second water upgrade is a rain-fly designed to help keep your discs dry during those rainy tournament rounds. Unlike some of the rain covers from other disc golf bags, the rain hood of the H2O is designed so that you can still easily remove your discs while the rain fly is on.
  3. The third water related upgrade is the Camelbak like water bladder that is included in the bag. The H2O includes a removable 2 liter water bladder and accompanying straw. Keep yourself hydrated without having to pull a water bottle out of the pocket. The cool water bladder pouch rests against your upper back which can also provide a cooling effect without even drinking the water. While the H2O has the bladder/straw, it also has 1 or 2 side pocket water bottle holders, depending on if you want to use one of the pockets for storage for a stool. This bag sounds absolutely perfect for a 4th of July tournament in 100 degree weather.
  4. The additional upgrades don’t have anything to do with water, but they do help make the new Ranger more appealing than the previous models. The bag includes a “quick access” sleeve above the main disc storage compartment where you can quickly and easily grab your favorite disc. The side pocket has also been expanded compared with the Regular Ranger bag.

The Ranger H20 can be purchased for $224.99

Dynamic Discs Sniper

Sniper-Backpack-Light-GrayThe second new Dynamic Discs bag, the Sniper is currently the least expensive disc golf backpack on the market. Like all the other DD bags, the Sniper is made by Ogio so despite its low price point, this bag will still be of high quality. The Sniper is a simple bag that holds a moderate (16) amount of discs. This bag doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it has the necessities: place to store your discs, water bottle holders, storage for other useful items during a disc golf round. The bag sidewall contains a handy pocket to store your mini marker disc, scorecard, and pencil.

Most importantly, the Sniper is in Backpack style which is a “must have” for any serious disc golfer today. It accomplishes the same general purpose of any other bag on the market, but the big difference between this and others is the price tag..

The Dynamic Discs Sniper is available for $69.99

Dynamic Discs Commander

Within the next few weeks, Dynamic discs will also be releasing the Commander Backpack. This backpack will be the middle version of the other new releases. It will have a few more features than the Sniper, but not all the luxuries of the Ranger H2O. The estimated price point of the new Commander Backpack is about $130.

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