MVP Glitch Review – Best Disc of 2023

MVP Glitch Approach Disc

If you don’t follow disc golf too closely, it can be easy to lose track of all the new disc releases. But now and then a new disc is released that is so unique and different so that it makes it impossible to blend into the crowd. MVP discs released a disc just like that last year, and it has been the top selling disc of 2023. That disc is the MVP Glitch. I got the chance to take one of these unique putt and approach discs out for a test flight. Here is my review.


MVP Glitch Flight PathWhen looking at the dimensions and flight characteristics, one thing absolutely stands out. The dead straight flight path of the Glitch.

Max Weight: 176.0 gr
Diameter: 21.2 cm
Height: 2.0cm
Rim Depth: 1.6cm
Rim Thickness: 0.8cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 19.5cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 7.5%
Rim Configuration: 66.50
Flexibility: 3.41kg

The Look

Like all MVP discs, the Glitch has a black GYRO technology overmold around the rim. That combined with the clean design black stamp on a colorful disc gives the MVP Glitch a really classy look. The Neutron Soft plastic blend has a really nice glossy finish that makes the flight plate shine. The Glitch that I took out had a nice swirl that added some flare to the color as well.MVP Glitch Profile

The Feel

The Neutron Soft plastic is really flexible and soft but it also has the durable feel of a high quality premium plastic. The disc feels extremely tall in the hand due to the blunt 1 speed rim shape as well as the 1.6cm rim depth. A unique feature of a 1 speed disc, the Glitch also has a slight bead along the bottom of the rim. I thought this rim around the bottom felt a bit awkward in the hand while gripping the disc. The rim is not thick at all, so the bead just feels very prominent.

I know part of the appeal of the Glitch is that it can also function as a nice warm up/catch disc. I didn’t have anyone to play catch with during my test, but I could see why such a floaty disc would work well for catch. But also, this disc is still a smaller diameter disc golf disc, and it has an overmold that feels a bit stiffer than the Neutron Soft flight plate. I guess I’m just saying I wouldn’t want to put too much speed or distance on it if I’m using it to play catch.

The Flight

The MVP Glitch stands out in the disc golf world with its unique flight characteristics, setting it apart from the conventional disc arsenal. This disc is notably glidey, a quality that contributes significantly to its impressive flight behavior. Unlike most disc golf discs that exhibit a noticeable fade as they lose speed, the MVP Glitch maintains a remarkably straight trajectory throughout its flight. This absence of fade is attributed to a combination of its specialized shape and the lightweight materials used in its construction. These features work harmoniously to ensure that the disc maintains a linear path, resisting the typical end-of-flight curve.

When it comes to making long putts, the MVP Glitch is a game-changer. It excels in going for those ambitious, distance-testing putts, thanks to its ability to stay dead straight and glide through the air with minimal effort. This attribute makes the Glitch an exceptional choice for extending your putting range. I find that with my normal putting stroke, the Glitch will effortlessly add an extra 10 feet of distance, a substantial advantage on the course. This ease of glide and straightness not only boosts accuracy but also enhances the confidence for those longer circle 2 putts.

A great way to see how versatile this disc is and the unique way it flys is by watching one of the best throwers in the world, Drew Gibson, throw the Glitch around.

The Verdict

In my verdict on the MVP Glitch, it’s clear why this disc has earned its reputation as the top-selling disc of 2023. Its unique flight and function set it apart in a crowded field of options. The MVP Glitch is not just another disc; it’s a revelation in disc golf technology. The way it maintains a straight line without any fade is nothing short of a marvel. It’s not often that a disc comes along that changes the way we think about our game, but the MVP Glitch does just that. Its glidey nature and the extra distance it adds to long putts make it an indispensable tool in my bag. Whether I’m aiming for a distant basket or navigating a tight fairway, the Glitch performs with an efficiency and predictability that I’ve not seen in any other disc.

Looking ahead, the excitement for the 2024 release of the Axiom Pitch is palpable. If the MVP Glitch is anything to go by, the Axiom Pitch promises to bring another level of innovation and performance to the sport. The disc golf community is buzzing with anticipation, eager to see how the Axiom Pitch will complement or even redefine our approach to the game. Given MVP’s track record with the Glitch, I am confident that the Axiom Pitch will be another groundbreaking addition to the world of disc golf