4 Ways to Get FREE Disc Golf Discs

Gett Free Golf Discs!

We get it, you’ve become one of the addicts.  You’re addicted to disc golf. You just can’t get enough disc golf. You think about disc golf when your mind wanders and dream about playing at night. You’ve experienced the fun of throwing golf discs, experiencing the different flights to get around different obstacles. You’ve learned that there are literally thousands of different disc golf molds and that each one has a little bit different flight path. So many discs to try but not enough money.

There are few things in life as exciting as getting a brand new golf disc.  But what’s better than new discs?

Free New Discs!

But how. But why? We’ve found a few different ways to get free disc golf discs.

Ways to get Disc Golf Discs for FREE!

1. Review products to help sellers conquer the Amazon algorithm

The easiest way we’ve found to get free, or at least severely reduced priced discs (in many cases you’re buying them at or below manufacturing cost) is to make purchases of new disc golf products on Amazon.

You see, here’s how it works. When a company lists a new product on Amazon it won’t show up for any of the key terms in Amazon search unless it has good ratings, but it won’t get good ratings until people buy and review it on Amazon. This creates a “which came first the chicken or the egg” scenario.  To overcome the no ratings scenario, Amazon sellers often incentivize purchases for new products to help them establish five star ratings.

They are willing to give product away for free initially so that they will actually be able to sell it later on the worlds biggest online shopping platform.

New Disc Golf Products currently promoting Amazon Reviews

Hot Disc Golf Deals on AmazonHere is our list of new disc golf products currently at cutthroat prices trying to get reviews.

You can only purchase 1 item at the extra discounted price from the list. Usually about a week after you receive the product, Amazon will send you an email asking you to review the product. You should not review the product until you get the email. After reviewing the product, you may be eligible for additional discounted, or even free disc golf products by joining our free product mailing list.

Not seeing something that interests you? Sign up for our reviewer list.

If you have an Amazon account and currently review products, sign up for our Amazon reviewer list here and we will send you an email when we find new disc golf products offered at free or discounted prices.

Seller Looking to improve Amazon Ratings?

Are you a disc golf retailer or manufacturer looking to improve your Amazon ratings? Our list of Amazon reviewers can help you establish Amazon authority and sell more product. If you’re willing to offer some of your new product for free or discounted prices, sign up for here.

2. Join a Disc Golf Team

The second way to get free discs is by becoming a sponsored player by joining a disc golf team. Many disc golf companies have “teams” of players that serve as a marketing arm for their brands. These team members get free plastic to throw for representing their companies. In most cases, to be selected as part of a disc golf team, you need to be a professional, or at least a really really good player. But, in some companies have teams that consist of regular everyday players. In these instances the disc golf brands are simply looking for disc golfers who are active in their community, have a good social media presence, and are willing to promote the brand. Here are links to some information about how to join some of the different disc golf street teams.

  • Discraft – Discraft is one of the leading manufacturers in disc golf. They will only select those who are very active in social media and the local disc golf scene, but if this is you, you have a chance. Discraft Underground team members get 10 free discs each year.
  • Divergent Discs – Divergent discs is a pretty unique brand. While most brands focus on professionals and tournament players, Divergent focuses on recreational players who have a maximum throwing distance of less than 300 feet. If you have more throwing power than that, you won’t even be considered for the Divergent Discs tester team.
  • Doomsday Discs – Doomsday is a mysterious new disc golf brand that everybody can be a part of. Everyone can join the team by buying a team pack. While all team members get discounts and specials perks,  only those that make the survival team actually get free stuff. To make the survival team you prove yourself by playing lots of disc golf events, being active on social media and the Doomsday Discord, and by promoting Doomsday Discs.  Join their team “If you have a desire to survive the Doomsday”.
  • Finish Line Discs – Finish Line is an up and coming disc golf brand owned by professional disc golfer Drew Gibson. They just opened up a team where members are promised free discs and other disc golf gear. Apply for Team Finish Line here.
  • Infinite Discs – Infinite is the largest retailer of disc golf. Like Discraft, their selection process for their team is pretty exclusive.  Team members not only get free discs from the Infinite Line of disc golf, but also occasionally get free discs from other companies that are trying to promote their brand. Apply for Team Infinite here. 
  • Team Lonestar – Lonestar Discs is the fastest growing disc golf brand. They have a massive team and Team members do get free disc golf gear as long as they are willing to throw a 90% Lonestar only bag.  Lonestar team players currently get 4 free discs and a 20% discount. If you like US made discs out of Texas, you may want to try joining Team Lonestar.
  • Team Trilogy – Trilogy represents three different disc golf brands Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64 and Westside. Their “Team Trilogy” is more of club and the biggest complaint against it is that it basically costs people to part of the team. But, if you play disc golf in tournaments, and are willing to throw only Trilogy Discs then there are definitely some perks for being on the Team.
  • Prodigy Disc Street Team – The Prodigy Street team works a lot like Team Trilogy. In order to be considered on this team, you need to play in disc golf tournaments and commit to throw only discs in the Prodigy Disc Line.  When players accomplish certain street team requirements they earn points and are able to get free Prodigy discs and gear.
  • Yikun Discs Team – Yikun is the leading disc golf manufacturer in China. While this is a Chinese company, they are one that actually understands and is dedicated to disc sports. Yikun manufactures disc golf brands such as Discmania, Hero Discs, Sune Sports, and Wild Discs, but they also want to gain some traction for their own brand and are achieving to do so with their own disc golf ambassador team. To apply, email them at fan@yikunsports.com to get an application.

3. Be a Reviewer or Influencer

If you have a blog, YouTube channel, or strong social media following (especially of disc golfers) some disc golf companies will give you free products to review to help them promote. While we purchase some of the products we review, many of them we get for free directly from the manufacturers.  Big brands like Innova and Discraft aren’t going to give some common Joe free products, but some of the many small brands absolutely will. The big brands dominate the disc golf market share and so any ins the little guys can take to help get their name out there — they will.

Now if you don’t have a good number of YouTube or social media followers or a high traffic blog, your emails will likely just be ignored by the manufacturers. Don’t even bother asking. If you have a good following and good marketing reach, start sending out emails to the smallest brands you can find. If you have a massive  following like Eric Oakley, you can get free discs from just about any disc golf brand you can contact.

4. Buy One Get One Free

Okay, in this method to buy a disc and get one free, you need to buy a disc first, but Discount Disc Golf regularly has BOGO deals. And if you can’t get discs for free, the next best thing is to get them for as cheap as possible. DDG is our #1 recommendation for super cheap disc golf discs.