Best Understable Putters in Disc Golf

Understable Disc Golf Putters

Advantages of Understable Putters

Understable putters are often overlooked and infrequently used in the world of disc golf. However, they can be incredibly valuable and practical. There are several benefits to using understable disc golf putters.

The Easiest Discs to Throw Straight

While all putters naturally have the straightest flight, understable putters exhibit even less end-of-flight fade, and sometimes no fade at all. These discs fly most similarly to a traditional Frisbee.

Ideal for Beginners

The “Frisbee-like” characteristic of understable discs makes them the best choice for true beginners. When someone new to disc golf first throws a standard disc golf disc, it often flies unexpectedly compared to a traditional Frisbee. However, an understable putter flies more familiarly, making it the perfect introductory disc golf disc.

Easier to Make Longer Putts

For short putts, the choice of disc is less critical. In fact, any disc can be used. But beyond 25 feet, the flight characteristics of the disc become noticeable. An overstable putter will begin to fade, which means a flat and straight throw will veer off as it approaches the basket. An understable putter, on the other hand, maintains a straight path throughout its flight, simplifying the process of making long putts without needing to adjust the aim or putting motion.

Best for Turnover Shots

A turnover shot, thrown with an outside-in anhyzer angle, curves in the direction the disc is facing. This is easily achieved with Ultimate Frisbees but challenging with most disc golf discs due to their aerodynamics causing a natural fade as they slow down. At low speeds, it’s nearly impossible for disc golf drivers not to fade at the end of their flight. Even understable midrange discs experience this fading at low speeds. An understable putter is the only disc type that will maintain its line throughout the entire flight, which is crucial for many disc golf shots, particularly for players who struggle with their forehand throw.

With these advantages in mind, let’s explore my recommendations for the 7 best understable putters.

Best Understable Putters

1. Dynamic Discs Deputy

DD Deputy Understable Putter

The Dynamic Discs Deputy stands out for its incredible feel and straight flight path. Ideal for players who prefer a shallower grip, this putter boasts a smooth release and is excellent for short to medium putts. Players across the board, from rookies to seasoned pros, trust in the Deputy for its steady glide on every throw. Professional disc golfer Paige Pierce won multiple world championships using the Deputy as her go to putter.

2. Divergent Discs Narwhal

Divergent Narwhal

Ideal for beginners, the Narwhal by Divergent Discs offers a grip that feels just right and flights you can count on, smoothing out the learning path in disc golf putting. The Narwhal shines for beginners, offering a grip that’s easy on the hands and a flight path so smooth and predictable it’ll boost your putting game as you learn. The Narwhal isn’t just for putting; it’s a great choice when you need to make shorter, controlled throws toward the basket too. The best thing about the Narwhal is it’s ultra low price.

3. Yikun Meteor Hammer
Yikun Meteor Hammer

The Yikun Meteor Hammer putter, with its unique design, promises a solid and predictable path for those key putts every player aims to master. The Meteor Hammer allows for a unique putting style with its straight flight. Unless you throw with too much power, this might be the straightest flying disc in all of disc golf.  While the Meteor Hammer can be good for putting, where it excels is in approach shots and dead straight drives.

4. Discraft Fierce

Discraft Fierce

Paige Pierce, one of the top female pros, swears by the Discraft Fierce for nailing those crucial putts with dead-on accuracy. The Discraft Fierce delivers a consistent, straight path to the basket with hardly any fade at the end, perfect for nailing those direct shots. With the Fierce in your grip, you’re set up for pinpoint accuracy—perfect for those straight-ahead putts. I have several friends who are convinced that the Fierce in premium plastic is the best understable putter for throwing, and with as straight as they can throw it, they have a very good argument.

5. MVP Spin

MVP Spin

I absolutely love the MVP Spin. I first used it when it was the putter in the MVP Circuit Challenge a few years ago. I ended up winning the event that year and made almost every putt I took. While the MVP Spin might feel a tad unusual in your hand initially, it proves to be an excellent ally on the course with its extra glide. The MVP Spin is designed for players who favor a putter with a bit more glide. This disc is excellent for those long, floating putts and handles well when thrown with a gentle touch. Its understable nature makes it a great option for newcomers to the sport and it’s excellent for those extra long putts.

6. Westside Swan

Westsdie Swan Understable putter

The Swan is the first understable putter I ever used. The Swan from Westside is a go-to for players who need a reliable putter with a slight understability. It’s particularly effective for those soft putts that require a bit of finesse. Players chasing dead-on throws swear by the Swan for its steadfast trajectory.

7. Prodigy P Model US

P Model US Putter

Known for its adaptability and ease of use, has become an essential disc for golfers seeking to up their game with a putter that delivers consistently on the course. The P Model US putter offers reliable flight for all skill levels. This putter shines for its ability to fly straight, a feature that beginners and those at an intermediate level will find incredibly handy for nailing consistent throws. Its ergonomic design fits snug in your hand, ensuring each throw flies out smoothly and with a grip that won’t slip. The P Model US has a beautiful flat top and stands out because it can handle a variety of putting techniques, nailing the basket whether you’re going for a soft lob or a firm hurl. The disc’s minimal fade at the end of its flight path allows for a more accurate approach, especially in tight situations around the basket. Looking to up your short game? The P Model is a solid pick, giving you the control and accuracy needed for those clutch approaches or confident putts to wrap up our top seven understable putters.

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