Westside Golf Discs

Westside Golf Discs is a leading disc manufacturer out of Finland. They currently sell 7 fine discs, most of them drivers. The only non driver among them is a stiff putt/approach disc, the Swan II. According to their website, they also have four additional discs in the works that should be released in 2013.

In my opinion, Westside makes the best looking discs available. The plastic looks so fine, and the artwork is outstanding. It might be my Scandanavian heritage, but the Northman, King, Giant, and Warship are just cool.

These discs aren’t just good looking, but they fly pretty well too. Using only Westside discs, I had my best round ever at the Blind Gulley disc golf course the other day.

Westside discs are available in three different plastics that seem pretty similar to Innova’s plastics: Tournament (similar to Innova Star), VIP (like Champion), and BT (comparable to Innova DX). They also use the same method for rating flight patters as where a number characterizes speed, glide, turn, and fade. Being that I’m familiar with and like Innova’s ratings, this helped me get a quick understanding of how these discs would perform without having to do multiple test throws.

I really like my Westside discs and I’m hoping they perform well in our throwing tests. I can’t guarantee that they will set any records for distance or accuracy, but after handling them for a few rounds of disc golf I really like the way they look and feel.