Introducing Viking Discs – In Review

It’s always an adventure when a new disc golf brand emerges on the scene. Usually the introduction of the new brand comes with one or two disc molds. However, Viking Discs out of Finland emerged with a slew of eight PDGA approved discs all at once, with three distinct plastic types. That’s quite an introduction!

Since their original release in 2017, they have also added five more disc molds and now have a complete line of 13 different disc golf discs.  In this review, we discuss the different Viking Plastics, discs, disc golf sets, and the least expensive way to buy Viking Discs.

Viking Discs Plastics

Let’s start by taking a look at the three main plastic types from Viking Discs.

GROUND – This is the base plastic and most affordable of the three. With the exception of the putters, it is definitely worth the couple extra bucks to upgrade to the more durable plastics. Though Ground plastic feels similar to other baseline plastics, like Innova DX or Discraft Pro-D, this blend cannot take a beating at all. I found that drivers and mid-range discs in Ground plastic couldn’t hold their shape after a tree hit or two. In some cases, a few rough collisions with the ground was enough to make the drive look beat-up.

However, in the case of a putter, like the Rune, the Ground plastic feels grippy and soft, and the disc should hold up well enough. I would really only recommend the putters in Ground plastic, unless you’ve got young players without a lot of power who need starter discs. For experienced players, I would not recommend Ground plastic for any of the discs that you plan to throw with enough power to exceed 100 feet.

STORM – Storm plastic is the translucent, durable plastic blend from Viking Discs. It is similar to plastics like Elite Z from Discraft, or Champion from Innova.

If you purchase your Viking Discs drivers in Storm plastic, then they will definitely withstand more of a beating than Ground plastic. Some of the Storm plastic discs come with a little shimmer or sparkle, plus it comes in nice, bright colors which are easy to find on the course.

ARMOR – Armor is the top-of-the-line, premium plastic from Viking Discs. It is similar in feel and grip to other premium, opaque plastics like Latitude 64’s Gold Line plastic. It has nice a nice grip, with a feel that is semi-soft to the touch, while the plastic itself is able to stand up to beatings delivered by course hazards.

The big advantage of Armor plastic compared to the bigger name brands is that this plastic blend is substantially less expensive.

Easy-Throw Discs from Viking Discs

When looking at the different introductory molds from Viking Discs, they can be divided into three groups: Beginner Friendly, Neutral, and Experienced. There are, of course, some molds that could crossover, being used by new or advanced players, assuming the advanced player understands the disc’s limitations. But generally speaking, these discs go from one extreme to another in terms of skill levels required to throw them.

Let’s look first at the models that are very easy for beginners or slower arms, and probably not too useful otherwise:

BERSERKER – Though this disc is rated by Viking Discs as a “speed 10” disc, it certainly is so understable that it would be a great disc for a new player who wants distance, but without much throwing power. Anybody with power will flip this disc right into the ground. It cannot handle high speeds without flipping over, unless you can back-off on the speed of your release and add some hyzer.

Of course, it could be used as an understable roller, or as an anhyzer disc for those who want a utility disc with very little fade. Though the rating printed on the disc is 10 / 5 / -3 / 2, I’d probably give it more like a 9 / 5 / -4 / 1.   You could consider it an equivalent to a very beat-in, understable Innova Valkyrie or perhaps a Sidewinder. It would be great for players who lack arm speed, but who want an easy-throw disc to go further for them, but it won’t be a disc for everybody.

COSMOS – The Cosmos is basically a Viking Discs equivalent of the classic Innova Leopard. It is a super-easy, very beginner friendly disc. It can be thrown at low speed with accuracy. Any attempt to crank a Cosmos with even moderate power will result in the disc flipping over to the understable side, because it is not designed for high speed or power throws. It is a finesse disc and should fly straight for young players or for those who can dial back their release to the appropriate speed. As mentioned above, in the section describing plastics, I would not recommend this driver, or any of the Viking Discs drivers in Ground plastic, unless you’re looking for a disc for a young child. Just spend the few extra dollars to get one that will hold up to any impact and retain its shape, like Storm or Armor plastic.

AXE – The Axe by Viking Discs is designed as an easy-throw, straight mid-range that borders on the slow, gliding flight of a putter. It would be a great starter mid-range, not requiring much power at all. It would probably fall in line with other easy-throw mid-ranges like a Discraft Buzzz SS, or an Innova Shark or Stingray. Together with a Rune and a Cosmos, you’d have a super easy-to-throw starter pack for a young player or novice player who is still trying to discover their throwing form.

The “Axe” model name might make this disc sound like a powerful one, but it is not a disc for power throwers. It could work for experienced players who like to throw with a lot of finesse, but it may not behave with any attempt to throw it for more than 100 – 150 feet.

Neutral Discs from Viking Discs

These are the discs that I feel would work well for some beginners, but also for intermediate or experienced players who simply want the disc’s particular flight characteristics to be a part of their bag.

RAGNAROK – Of all the Viking Discs drivers, the Ragnarok was my personal favorite. It is a distance driver that can actually withstand some moderate throwing power and stay in flight with a lot of glide and manageable control. I found it similar to other “speed 11” discs which pull a little to the understable side, yet have a dependable fade, like the recently released Streamline Trace, or the Discmania CD3. I really liked  throwing the Ragnarok in durable Storm plastic, which has more stability than the cheaper Ground blend. The rim felt great to me and I was able to control my release without any slippage.

Though you can get some respectable distance with the Ragnarok, it is also the kind of disc that could be used by novice players to build up their long-distance throwing technique because it generally won’t fade too early. I can imagine that most players could use a disc like this in their bag, though experienced, power throwers might prefer a more overstable disc for maximum distance.

NORDIC WARRIOR – The Nordic Warrior is a mid-range that is a step up in performance from the Axe, with a more stable flight and the ability to travel longer distances. When thrown with too much power, it will behave with understable characteristics, but when thrown at moderate speeds as a precision approach disc, the Nordic Warrior can be very easily controlled. It can be a workable shot-shaping disc for shorter distances under 200 feet.

When selecting a mid-range from the two initial offerings from Viking Discs, I’d only get the Axe for beginners or players with low arm speed, but for everybody else, I’d feel comfortable recommending the Nordic Warrior in a quality plastic like Storm or Armor.

RUNE – I really like the Rune putter as very good, straight-shooting, easily controlled disc that works great for players at all levels. I really like the feel of the rim, which is rounded, with a small bead on the inside of the rim. There are no sharp edges, so I like the feel of the disc in my hand while lining up for putts. I would compare the shape of the Rune to the RPM Discs Ruru which is very similar with the rounded outside edge. The shape could also be compared to a Latitude 64 Dagger, though the Rune has a lower profile and is not as overstable.

I’d feel comfortable handing a Rune to a new player as a primary putter and feel like the disc characteristics wouldn’t get in the way as they learn to polish their putting technique. Viking Discs has a really good product with the Rune, and I feel it is a putter that could really stand out for players with mixed skill levels. The Rune is one of the Viking Discs that I actually liked best in Ground plastic.

Viking Discs for Skilled Players

There are only a couple of the new discs that I feel would fit well into the bags of skilled players. They could also work for other players, assuming those players know and desire those particular flight characteristics.

THUNDER GOD THOR – This distance driver is the only driver from Viking Discs that is geared more toward power throwers. I was able to give the Thunder God Thor all I had and still watch it fade dependably at the end of flight. At the time of this article, this disc is only available in Storm plastic, which suits it. If it were in Ground plastic, it would probably crumble upon the first tree hit, or even after a steep collision with the ground.

When it comes to overstable, wide-rimmed drivers, the Discraft Nuke always comes to mind. I would place the Thunder God Thor flight path somewhere between a Nuke and a Nuke SS. It is overstable, but not overly so. You have to throw this disc with speed to get a respectable distance, but it will still fade. It also works great for high hyzer throws or for moving over and around obstacles. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners at all, since it is one of those discs that would probably discourage them, if they haven’t worked up to it.

KNIFE – Of the two initial putters released by Viking Discs, the Knife is the more overstable of the two. Though it could work fine for other players (not necessarily an advanced disc), I felt it fit as a nice companion to the Thor Thunder God as a disc that would work great for experienced players. It has a fairly flat top and a shape that reminds me of popular driving putters or headwind putters. It can be flicked (forehanded) for precision shots or used for predictable fades to the basket. It wouldn’t work so well for loftier putting styles, but for power putters, it should do the trick.

Since I found myself throwing the Knife with more power, I prefer it in a more durable plastic like Storm, rather than in soft, Ground plastic. In fact, I liked throwing the Knife more than I did the Axe mid-range for approach shots.

Best Way to Buy Viking Discs

If you are a deal hunter or are looking for an ultra affordable way to buy Viking Discs (or any disc golf discs for that matter), you need to check out the different Viking Discs sets. Not only does Viking have a three disc starter set (like every other brand) but they also have several different options of complete disc golf sets.

These sets are the perfect way to get cheap disc golf discs while expanding your adrenal of Nordic weapons to throw on the course. The Viking Complete sets are all available online on Amazon with free prime shipping.

That is a quick introduction to Viking Discs, along with some personal opinion and experience. Check out this list for the top rated Viking discs.

I welcome YOUR feedback and opinions on this new disc brand, so feel free to share any of your experiences with these discs in the “comments.”  Also, feel free to share which disc you think sounds like one you’d like to try, based on your style and skill level.

212 thoughts on “Introducing Viking Discs – In Review

  1. Definitely interested in the Ragnarok, partially because some relays I run, I would love to find one of those in Orange, to hang on my tent at the events! Maybe even try throwing it too!

    1. I think the axe would be perfect for me. I like using the buzzz now, and this sounds like it would be a great disc to have in my collection.

    2. The Viking sat down, feeling the warmth from the fire giving life to his old cold hands.

      He had been having trouble as of late to grip his discs with a firm grip, a “medecin” given to him by a water speaking (English) doctor, had made his hands swollen.
      “Clearly a poison given to me by the female doctor, after speaking to my wife!” He muttered.

      As his Wife entered the Longhouse, she raised her eye brow peering down the hall, locking her gaze upon the Viking.
      “Talking about Disc Golf plunders again?” She asked.
      “Is there anything else that matters?” he muttered.

      “By the way, I ordered some Discs from Infinite Discs. They claim that they have been delivered 3 days ago have you seen them?”
      “I put them in my car”
      You what?!? Thou must not put the holy Discs in the hot carriage by Thunder! They will change their flying paths by Odins beard! Do not make this offense again or I shall trade you in for something better.”

      The Vikings wife put her hands up in the air, rolled her eyes and muttered something about a couch as she walked out of the Longhouse.
      The Viking nodded, clearly his message had been understood.

      Viking dics eh? Must be something made for me, I shall wear a disc made by the Viking brand with honor by Thor, the thunder god this I swear.
      Ragnarok shall be the disc of my choosing!

      /branding his Discs

      Hail Viking Discs!

  2. I would love an additional medium/higher speed driver in my bag. The Thor in storm plastic seems as if it would fill that need!

  3. Sweet write up. I’m excited for Viking discs, I’d have to go for the Rune, I love low profile, straight flying putters and they are few and far between

  4. i look forwars to to seeing what else this company has to offer. if i were to start off… it would be a knife in storm plastic. just cuz i like to putt with premium plastics

  5. My Highschool’s Mascot is “Vikings” so I’d love to bag a Ragnarok in Armor Plastic

  6. Looking forward to giving the Ragnarok in Armor plastic a chance to place in my bag !

  7. I’ve been looking for a nice straight putter to throw on backhand approach shots (that will stick near the basket), but can’t seem to find anything that is both comfortable in the hand and has a nice release. I would LOVE to give the Rune a try!

  8. I think the Cosmos Disc is Storm plastic would be a fun one to start with. Being relatively new to the sport and way behind the curve I have found that for the most part midrange discs like this tend to go just as far as drivers. This of course is something I am working on changing.

  9. Like the sound of the Nordic Warrior and the Ragnarok. Beginner player making my way into intermediate currently need something for shot shaping. Lots of heavy wooded courses here in Northern Indiana.

  10. The Thor looks like it would be a great disc to hold up in the winds and keep strong.

  11. I got a ground plastic Ragnarok at the disc store near Sarasota. I got some good pulls with it. My cousin wanted to give it a try and threw it straight into a tree, it was crushed, I was crushed. Get storm or armor plastic if you get one of these, it could’ve used a little more stability anyway.

  12. Would love to try a knife. Why? Because I could bring a knife to a disc fight.

  13. Wow they look awesome, i will be interesting to try the ragnarok and the rune, and is good to try new companies, sign me up for more info about this

  14. Im a big fan of the ragnarok and rune. Hope to see their lineup expand soon! Their plastics feel amazing!!

  15. The Bezerker Storm would probably fit my aging arm speed in a good way. Curious to try it.

  16. The Rune and the Thunder God Thor look to be the ones that i would try out.
    i use a Kastaplast Reko putter now but would love to try the Rune out!
    Thunder God Thor looks to be a great disc. over stable but not to much would be very handy for the bag!!
    The beginner discs that our offered would be great for some of our “newbes”.

  17. I tried Ground discs with Axe, knife, and berserker. I was too late to learn that they are most suitable for newbies while I am a pro player. I got mine dinged badly from throwing them hard across into the forrest. I’d love to try different plastic.

  18. The Ragnarok in armor plastic and a Thunder God Thor in Storm plastic sound like a pretty great combo. Given the stability of Thunder God, it would make a great headwind or 300 ft. spike hyzer disc while the Ragnarok sounds like a really solid work horse driver that you could start to cycle once it gets beat in.

  19. Nice write up! I would love to try the Rune. I love beaded putters, and a straight flying one with decent glide seems like a good approach disc.

  20. Ragnarok and Knife sound like a good twosome to start off with. Thanks for clarifying on the plastics, that is a big help.

  21. I would love to have the Storm Ragnarok. All of these discs look pretty great though, nice lineup!

  22. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Storm Ragnarok. Not only does it sound fun to throw, that name can’t be beat.

  23. Im looking to change brands for tourneys and would like to try the Knife in storm to brag about my approaches.

  24. Without a doubt, the Ragnarok! Looks like it would be a great addition to my set.

  25. I like the idea of a shallower, straighter dagger-like putter like the Rune. It sounds like it could be a perfect partner to a Harp. I’d also like to try the Knife.

  26. I’m thinking an Armor Ragnarok could be a great thing. The CD3 and Trace have been great discs, so a similar disc from a new brand would be very interesting.

  27. Thunder God Thor in Armor sounds awesome! I could use a better distance driver with a dependable fade.

  28. I already have a cosmos, ragnarok and nordic warrior all in Storm plastic……i really really really use my warrior and ragnarok A LOT, love em.

    I would definitely like to try a ragnarok or warrior in Armor plastic. Or a rune in storm or armor plastics.

    Thanks for the great work Viking Discs!!!!

  29. I like the Berserker “speed 10” disc the most of all. I would have a really fun day with these.

  30. For some reason the tune seems really interesting to me. Looks like a solid disc

  31. I would love to try the Ragnarok. I have too many discs like the Thor, but the Ragnarok definitely sounds like it would stay in my bag.

  32. As a disc lover, any of these great items would be a pleasure to try. But if pinned in a corner, my gut screams the Thor in Armor plastic. Fingers crossed!

  33. I would love to throw a Thor! It looks like the perfect disc for my bag!

  34. The Storm Cosmos caught my attention! Good looking disc, awesome name, and might fill a hole in my bag!

  35. I think the Thornis the best fit for me. I am looking for a disc just like that one. Storm plastic would really cool, I like the durable blend.

  36. I would like to try a Berserker in Armor. Love the name. Makes me think of the scene in “Clerks”. Havnt been able to find a durable roller that i can throw consistently with accuracy. Always looking for something new that my wife and son can throw too. So it could be a win/win.

  37. The Berserker in Armor plastic sounds like the perfect distance driver for my noodle arm.

  38. Thor in armor looks pretty sweet. Looking forward to throwing a few of these.

  39. I would be interested in the cosmos in storm plastic. Any disc that is similar to a leopard is something I would be interested in; especially since I play mostly heavily wooded courses.

  40. I would love to throw the Knife in the Storm plastic. Always looking to try out new putters. Still in the process of trying to find “The One”.

  41. I’m searching for another slightly under stable long distance driver… looks like the Ragnarok in Storm plastic is worth a try for me. Thanks for the write-up.

  42. For me I would have to say the beserker because I love throwing understable discs they’re easy to control by how much Heiser you have on the disc when released I have only been in the sport for about a year I am a disabled Army veteran from the US that has gotten into the sport they sent me so finding discs that are easy to maintain and throw as a beginner are hard to find I am so excited and would really like to get this preserver and try it

  43. I tbink the ragnarok would have some seriously controlable flight potential.

  44. I would love an armor knife. I have a Star Aviar3 that is close to what I want a putter to be, but it isn’t quite there.

  45. I think the Nordic Warrior would be interesting to try, I haven’t used a new mid range in a long time. The only mid I really use right now is the Westside Bard, and it seems like the Warrior might be a good companion to it.

  46. Would like to try the Armor Ragnarok! Sounz like it would be a great driver!

  47. Thank you for the opportunity to win a disc! I would love to try the Storm Berserker!

  48. The Ragnarok in storm plastic sounds very interesting. I would love to try it.

  49. I would like to try a Thor, I classify myself as an advanced intermediate player working on longer drives. Been using the Beast and MVP Teams and need some different flyers.
    Thank you

  50. I would definitely love to try a Berserker, probably in Armor or Storm plastic. I am a 50 something year old woman and could use the understable flight, as well as the extra distance with my somewhat weak arm. Glad to see more discs coming from Scandinavia!!!

  51. I would love to try the berserker because that’s my favorite song done by Olaf of fuckuyankeebluejeans

  52. I’d be interested in trying the Knife in Storm/Armor. I would like to see how it would do as a driving putter.

  53. I would love to try the Thunder God Thor disc in storm plastic. It sounds like it could be similar to an Innova Destroyer and it would be fun to try out.

  54. I would love to try out the THOR disc in storm plastic. My accuracy is great,but I am still looking for that perfect disc to get more distance out of my drives. It could be the one!

  55. I’m sure interested in the Rune putter I love new brands of plastic , always like to say man you should try the ????? It’s a new plastic out.

  56. I’d try a Storm Cosmos. I always bag a leopard, would like to try something similar from a different company

  57. I’m looking forward to trying the Viking Disc line. My curiosity is piqued by the Thor Speed 14 Disc. Also would like to try out the Ragnarok as an alternative to my Thunderbird Disc. The Premium plastic seems to be the way to go. Good Article to learn about the Viking line of products.

  58. The Ragnarok looks really cool, but I’m torn on either Storm or Armour plastic. I’d probably lean more towards Storm.

  59. Interested in the armor ragnarok. Always glad to see a new manufacturer in the mix. Max weight if I’m picked 🙂

  60. For my 55 year old arm with 100 years of wear on it, the Ragnarok in Armor Plastic sounds ideal.

  61. Remember– it’s not how you start, but how you Finnish!! Finnish– see what I did there, Finnish? Best of luck to you, Viking. As for me, I’m going Berserk to try the Berserker. As an older player, I’m always looking for something I can get “out there” a ways, and this understable disc– preferably lighter weight– sounds like what the disc doctor ordered. Thanks for this opportunity and ONNEA to you!!

  62. I’m a huge fan of the Ragnorok, but I’d really love to add a Thor to my bag!

  63. Cant wait to try a couple of these. The first would be the Berserker in armor plastic

  64. I would try the Berserker in storm plastic. Seems like it would work for my form. These seem very interesting.

  65. I think that the Thunder God Thor in the Storm plastic mold would be pretty cool to check out. My current go to disc is the Innova boss in both star and champion plastics. I prefer the champion slightly over the star just due to the durability that seems to keep the flight pattern more consistent round after round. Always exciting to see more new discs coming into play!

  66. The Ragnarok sounds awesome. I would love to try one out in Arizona to see how it stands up to desert courses and high temps and sun.

  67. Ragnarok in the ARMOR plastic. This would fit right in my current play bag.

    The Viking Ragnarok is a fast driver with a very manageable rim size. This disc is designed to be a long control driver that will provide S-curve flights and fading finishes. Depending on your release angle, the Ragnarok can be useful in all kinds of different situations.

    What could be better than that?
    Well, it is available in the Armor plastic.
    Now your talking !!!!!!

  68. I’d love to try out that Cosmos. I love my Leopard, so you could convert me, maybe!

  69. Bought a thunder god Thor the day it was released. I love it. Would love to get my hands on a Ragnarok. Honestly surprised i haven’t already.

  70. I would have to try out the Ragnarok in storm or armor plastic. Recently got the Rune but Haven’t had a chance to try it. Snowed 4 inches the next day. Maybe this week end.

  71. The Cosmos in Storm plastic looks like something that I’d like to try. Still new to the sport, and looking to improve my accuracy.

  72. I’d want to try the ragnarok in armor plastic, see how it compares to my pohja now polka

  73. Thanks for the great review, Todd! My choice would be an Armor plastic RUNE, for a few reasons: First, I suck at putting. I am probably the worst putter in this thread. The reason I chose the Armor plastic, is because I am as likely to throw the disc into the side of a building or a tree, as I am into the basket. Second, I have relatively slow arm speed, mostly due to the third reason. Thirdly, I am likely the oldest player in this thread (67). Trust me ya’ll will also have slower arm speed when you reach 67. Just sayin’. The fourth reason, and the one that should compel you to grant me this free disc: I am so much worse at putting than my fellow respondents, that I will have the greatest degree of improvement in putting, when this RUNE enters my game, and I psychologically will it into the basket. Who knows, the improvement could be legendary and a shining testimony for Viking. One last aside: I kinda look like a Viking … and old and slow Viking, but a Viking nonetheless.

  74. I’m a sucker for a good fairway driver. I think the cosmos would be a nice addition to the addiction. Gonna have to pick that up at some point.

  75. Ragnarok in storm or armor. Judging by the description it would fit me nicely and the name doesn’t hurt.

  76. Armour Ragnarok looks awesome! Because who isn’t a huge fan of Ragna Bydge!! Viking discs should sponsor her. Hoping the giveaway is in my favor 😉

  77. The Ragnorak in Storm plastic is most interesting. Seems to fit the perfect control driver feel.

  78. I think the Ragnarok in Armor plastic would be a great introduction to Viking Discs.

  79. The Rune looks intriguingn especially in black w/red or yellow colored stamp & max weight – I’m a DX putter lover, so Ground plastic would suit me just fine

  80. Oh nice! A giveaway……dang I’m sorry, I just “niced” your giveaway:) I would have to go with the Thor in armor. I would like to also try the ragnorok but i have so many flippy discs

  81. Either an Armor or Storm Ragnarok sounds like it could replace my CD3 that decided to go swimming in a local pond. I loved the CD3s flight so I really could use a replacement to hopefully break 400′ consistently.

  82. I would love to try the Armor Dune in any color. It sounds like it would make a nice addition to my bag. To thanks the info on the new disc. Also thanks for the giveaway.

  83. I really would like to try out the Thor! I have been having the most difficult time finding a high speed driver that feels solid for me ever since I returned from injury and this looks to be perfect. Hoping to get my hands on one.

  84. I feel like the Berserker in a storm plastic would suit me. My back hand game isn’t where it needs to be, and I think this could be a disc that I would use to help me develop it.

  85. I would like to try out the Ragnarok in Armor plastic. I need to refill that spot in my bag. Stupid River

  86. I would like to try the Rune in Ground plastic. I need a new putter and haven’t found one that I like yet.

  87. I’d love to give a storm ragnarok a try! I’m starting to fall in love with 9-11 range drivers and am also considering a cd3 so this sounds perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. These look interesting ,I would love to try the Thor
    Always looking for new and in ovation plastic !

  89. Great God of Thunder, THORRR! Interested in the storm and armor plastic of this mold.

  90. I’d love to get my hands on that Thor!! Sounds like a driver that would be great for my forehand and I’d love to give it a try!

  91. The Axe or Warrior sound like discs I’d like to try out. Probably in the Storm plastic.

  92. I would be interested in trying out the knife in the storm plastic. My bag has a spot for a good driving putter that needs to be filled!

  93. I’d love to try the Ragnarok in Storm plastic. This disc would seem to suit my game well. I’d also like to try the Rune putter in Storm plastic. I typically putt with Daggers because I like the rounded edge but sometimes wish I had a slightly thinner version of the Dagger. The Rune might be that disc…….

  94. I would like to try the Nordic Warrior in Armor plastic. I am always willing to audition a new mid against the classics. Thanks for the article.

  95. I would love to try the rune and or the knife in any of the three plastics preferably the armor blend. I throw putters more than anything and sometimes I throw them really hard so a tougher plastic would suit my style of aggro putting. Great looking discs.

  96. A Storm Berserker just sounds freaking cool, but then I think that would be the disc for me right now. The turn/fade are right where I want them and it’ll work better with me as my back loosens up and I can put a little bit more power into it.

  97. Very curious about how the Axe feels like in armor plastic. Love new brands, looking forward to the moment I first throw a Viking disc.

  98. Ragnarok in storm or armor would be great! With a name like Ragnarok how can you go wrong?!

  99. Would like to try the Berserker in Armor plastic. Sounds like it would fit my game. I’m a 54 yr old leftie….

  100. Always excited for new discs. If I had to pick one, I’d say the ragnorak in storm. Mostly because I’ve been on a search for a workhorse control driver and have had no luck 😔. And I like discs with awesome names too lol

  101. The Knife sounds very intriguing to me. Right now I putt with a Discraft Challenger, but I’ve been looking for a different mold to do short drives with and your description of the Knofe sounds like what I’m looking for.

  102. Thunder God Thor would be my first choice but Ragnar ok would be my second choice

  103. I would love to try out the Nordic warrior. Looking for a new mid range to try.

  104. I think I am leaning towards the Rune, love true flying putters, straight into the chains.

  105. The ragnorak in armor plastic sounds great for play in New England’s wooded courses

  106. The Warrior sounds like it will fill the void in my bag between the over midranges I have in there perfectly !!!!

  107. Would love to try the rune, been wanting to try some different putters to find one that suits me.

  108. Im in the market for a new mid range. The Viking Axe looks really cool. The other discs have a great names.

  109. I would like to try the Ragnorok in Armor plastic. I prefer a slower driver for more control, so the speed 11 is perfect. I don’t have a big arm so the flight numbers of -1, +2 should get me nice distance. I think the Armor plastic will allow for more grip and control. It will also season nicely for an S turn.

  110. I’d like to try the Warrior in storm plastic because it would fill a hole in my disc selection.

  111. These look really nice. I’d be interested in giving a go at the storm Axe!

  112. Interested in the ragnarok in storm plastic. I am currently trying to up my distance game and hearing that description peaked my interest for sure.

  113. Berserker in Storm for my wife who is trying to find her niche in the disc golf world.

  114. Thor in storm plastic sounds like a good fit. I normally throw very OS discs and have been looking for something that will hold its line a little longer.

    I’d love a chance to give it a toss!

  115. Berserker in Armor for me. As an older player without a lot of power and a bit of a natural hyzer,
    this disc would be a good fit for me.

  116. I’d like to try the Nordic Warrior in Armor as I am not completely in love with any of my mids at the moment.

  117. New player… slower arm speed… I’d love to get my hands on a Berserker in Storm plastic! Those similar numbers have provided a really nice shot shape for me and these discs look pretty sweet

  118. Difficult to choose between the three I like the sound of best, rune, berserker, or ragnorak.
    I’d go for the rune, because although I really like my Swan 2 megasoft and bt soft, I don’t love it…
    Perhaps the Rune would fill that gap

  119. The Thor obviously in Armour plastic would be a great fit in my bag. still trying to find that perfect driver, and I think that might fit!

  120. Would love to get my hands on a “Thor” !! I’ve got a pretty good arm for an old guy, and love discs that can work for both my backhand and forehand. Would look forward to test-driving one for sure

  121. Id like to check the Bererker in Armor plastic. I love my Underworlds and Furys and I love GL plastic, so it seems like a fit. I love teaching a new player the trick of getting more distance and I feel like a Beserker would be a good teaching tool.

  122. I like the knife it sounds like my style of putter with the small rim and all and I’m all about durable plastic.

  123. The Berserker would be a nice compliment to fit between my 12-13 drivers and 5-7 mids. Oh and being of viking descent is a plus!

  124. The Rune in the high end plastic sounds appealing from the putters. In so far as the drivers the ragnarok in the storm plastic could be a nice addition to my quiver…… would love to throw both of them a few rounds!

  125. I think the Thor in storm plastic or the knife in store woulf be a good fit for my style, hopefully i get lucky enough to get to guve one of them a whirl

  126. Ragnarok looks like a great one to try out since I DO need to figure out my distance throwing!

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