Prodiscus Golf Discs

prodiscus logo has been around for almost a year now, and we finally got our hands on some Prodiscus golf discs. If you haven’t heard of Prodiscus, you’re not alone. It is a smal disc manufacturer (but growing) out of Finland. They now have six different disc models, including two distance drivers, two fairway drivers, a mid range, and a most excellent putter.

Prodiscus Plastics


Prodiscus discs are available in two awesome plastics. In my opinion, these plastic blends make for the best feeling golf discs period.

The basic plastic is like a cross between Innova Pro and Skyquest Premium. It is super grippy, soft, and very bendable. While I haven’t had these discs for very long yet, the basic plastic also appears to be quite durable. Much more durable than basic blends made by other disc manufacturers.

Prodiscus Premium PlasticThe Premium plastic also looks and feels great. It is a transparent blend, much like Innova Champion or Discraft Z, but is much “gummier.” Premium plastic provides a great grip, not as grippy as the basic blend, but still much better than discs by other manufacturers. I would say that Prodigy series 400 plastic is the most comparable plastic blend.



During actual disc golf rounds, my Prodiscus test discs performed very well for me. The first time I took out my bag of Prodiscus only discs out I had one of my best scores ever at the Cache County fairgrounds. The Slaidi worked great for my forehand drives. I was able to get long straight shots without it turning over.

The Laseri worked well for my backhand drives, the Respecti for shots that needed big hooking fades around trees. My premium plastic Midari was awesome as an overstable midrange, and the basic Jokeri, just might be my favorite putter of all time. I made almost every putt I took with this beauty, including two 60+ feet jump putts.

I’m not a big thrower and rarely throw for more than 330 feet, so didn’t bother using the Legenda much. We will save that one for the more powerful players who like thick rim drivers.

While I shot an excellent score for the round, I was missing out on something more understable. For distance backhand throws, I need something that doesn’t fade quite so fast. Once Prodiscus adds some more understable drivers and an understable mid, I think I’ll be completely satisfied playing with a Prodiscus only bag.

The current set of Prodiscus discs won’t work great for beginners, but for intermediate players like me, these are what I consider premium discs. I highly recommend Prodiscus.