Innova Roadrunner

Innova Roadrunner Frisbee Golf Disc

The Innova Roadrunner is a great understable distance driver. This disc is easy to throw and gives beginners more distance for both forehand and backhand throws. Innova gives this disc a speed rating of 9, making it a moderately fast driver. The Roadrunner is an excellent glider, and continues to sail through the air. Innova gives it a glide rating of 5. In terms of stability, the Roadrunner is one of just three Innova drivers with an understable turn rating of -4. This disc makes a good turnover driver, but it does have a degree of low speed fade (1) at the end of the flight.

The Roadrunner is currently available in the two highest quality Innova plastics, Star and Champion. It comes in weights ranging from 160-175g.

The number one thing new disc golfers want is more distance on their drives. From our test throws, the Roadrunner is one of the better discs for beginner forehand distance, and currently ranks #1 for distance on backhand throws. I have recommended the Roadrunner to multiple friends who have improved their games by throwing a disc that actually matches their speed.

If you are a new or intermediate player, and would like more distance from a frisbee that keeps on gliding, you’ll want to invest in the Roadrunner. Here are some links to help you get this fine driver at the best possible price:

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  1. I have a huge arm, rarely do i throw less than 370 ft. I thought my boss was my furthest flying disc. I out drove my boss with the roadrunner and i must say this disc has shaved throws off my game. It is a disc i recommend to anyone new or pro.

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