Black Friday Disc Golf Deals of 2023

Black Friday Banner

Can you believe it’s already November?

Even though it’s not the ideal time to play disc golf in most areas, November is typically the #1 month for disc golf shopping. And the reason November is the best month for disc golf shopping is because of Black Friday Deals.

Why Black Friday Deals

Black Friday gets its name from the traditional notion that it’s the day retailers’ finances move into the “black,” signifying they’ve begun making a profit for the fiscal year. This holds true for disc golf retailers too. Companies have a few reasons for hosting large Black Friday sales:

Liquidate Inventory

1. As the fiscal year draws to a close, businesses aim to liquidate excess inventory to avoid unnecessary tax burdens. They want to turn excess product into cash in order to have a profitable year.

Shoppers are on the Hunt for Deals

2. Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season when people often buy items they don’t necessarily need, primarily for Christmas gifts. When retailers know they are going to have extra shoppers, they are going to want to make sure they entice them to buy even more with great deals.

2023 an Extra Big Year for Disc Golf Sales

This year will be especially big for Black Friday disc golf deals for a number of reasons. The pandemic disc golf boom has ended and disc golf companies purchased based on previous years sales. This leaves them with a little more excess than they desire. Infinite Discs, the world’s largest disc golf retailer, has already announced that they will make 2023 their biggest sale ever with clearance price discs starting as low as $5.

Disc Golf Deals to Look Out For

Discraft and Infinite Discs have already released teasers on some of the Black Friday deals and special releases they will offer this year. We will keep this post “live and active” and will update it anytime we hear word of more news and promotions.


Buzzz Black Friday

Discraft is going to offer a series of timed drops with exclusive products released at different times throughout the Black Friday weekend.

Wooden 20th Anniversary BuzzDiscraft Wood Buzzz

The first special drop they have will be a wood version of the disc golf Buzzz. And, it won’t just be a wood Buzzz, it will be a Wooden 20th Anniversary edition which is designed to appeal even more to the collectors market. There are only 50 of each wood type made and they all have the unique number engraved on the back. How will a wood Buzzz fly? Is it even supposed to be thrown? I don’t know but it will for sure look good and make for a great Christmas gift.

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs Black Friday SaleInfinite Discs takes Black Friday very seriously. It’s not just a day, but their sales event and exclusive releases last the entire week! Here’s what we know about the Infinite Discs Black Friday sale thus far.


Infinite is boasting their biggest clearance sale ever with dozens of discs priced as low as $5 each! This is lower than most wholesale prices. Like always they will have dozens of unique stamps and likely some exclusive limited edition plastics.

Pre Black Friday Sale

Before Black Friday even starts Infinite Discs is offering deals on sale items. The week before Black Friday you can purchase Carts for $30 off and Mystery Boxes are on Sale.

Daily Schedule

  • Black Friday – Infinite Discs Day
  • Saturday November 25th – Innova Day
  • Sunday November 26th – Discraft/DGA
  • Cyber Monday – MVP/Axiom/Streamline/TSA/Mint Discs
  • Tuesday – Prodigy/Clash/Lonestar/Gateway
  • Wednesday – Kastaplast/Dino Discs/Doomsay Discs
  • Thursday December 1st – Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside, Discmania


MVP has big plans for Black Friday as well with the release of their Simon Line disc, the Time Lapse. They also promise to have their Gyro Palooza Mystery Box with rare limited edition discs included.

Check back on this post for more Black Friday deals from disc golf companies all over the industry.

Trilogy – Save 25%

Dynamic Discs Black Friday SaleIf you’re a trilogy fan, Dynamic Discs is making their Black Friday Sale pretty simple.

The more you spend, the more you save. By shopping directly from you can save up to 25%

….if you spend at least $250. That’s a lot to spend on discs, but if you’re shopping for a bag or cart, that’s a great deal. For discs Dynamic Discs direct prices are generally substantially more than other retailers, so even with the discount you still might be better off shopping elsewhere.