Best Understable Disc Golf Discs

As beginners learn proper throwing techniques, understable discs offer helpful flight patterns. Understable discs aren’t just beginner-friendly; they’re a smart pick for any player looking to up their game with easy-to-handle gear that allows for unique shot types. If you’re just starting out, grab an understable disc—it’ll fly straight without much fuss and will likely give you more distance. Beginners can learn to accurately throw a disc without having to worry about it turning too far or veering off course. Beyond helping newbies build confidence, understable discs offer advanced players the chance to shape shots with precision and style.

But what are the best understable disc golf discs?

Using Infinite Discs new “Best Discs” feature we are able to break down the best understable discs for the following categories. Combining personal knowledge from past experience with the discs and data from the top selling (most popular) and highest rated pages we have come up with the following to determine the best understable disc golf discs.

Best Understable Distance Drivers

Innova Tern Understable Driver

Understable drivers provide lower arm speed players (typically those who throw less than 350 feet in total distance) with more distance. If  there is one thing all disc golfers want more of — it’s distance. If you’re currently throwing around 300 feet of total distance and are looking to throw farther, consider this list to find the best understable distance drivers.

Note that sometimes a distance driver will only be understable in lighter weights. Considering your disc weight is very important when selecting understable drivers. Here are my picks for the top 5:

1. Infinite Discs Maya

The Infinite Discs Maya might not seem like an ultra-fast disc in terms of its flight numbers, but its incredibly thin profile lends it a surprising speed. I noticed this firsthand when my son, Caleb, who’s just 14, started using it. Despite being a mid-160s weight disc, not ultra-light by any means, it immediately added about fifty feet to his throws, allowing him to easily reach nearly 300 feet. Despite its average weight, the disc added considerable distance to his throws.

2. Innova Tern

I’ve seen the Innova Tern change the game for many players, including my friend Cam, a lifelong disc golfer. The Tern, known for its smooth glide and distance potential, truly shone when Cam threw it over 400 feet. I didn’t think throwing that far was even possible. Witnessing this, I realized the Tern is more than just a distance driver; it’s a disc that can elevate a player’s game to new heights, making those previously unreachable distances attainable.

3. Discraft Avenger SS

My introduction to the potential of understable discs came through the Discraft Avenger SS. Watching my friend Bob Davies deftly handle the Avenger SS, my entire approach to disc golf was transformed. He executed a hyzer flip throw with the Avenger SS, demonstrating how it could turn right on a backhand throw to navigate around a mando tree. That throw with the Avenger SS was a real eye-opener—it showed me just how much strategy you can pack into choosing your discs. The Avenger SS is a great disc and one that has a nice late turn to it giving both good distance and unique shot shapes.

4. Latitude 64 Bolt

The Latitude 64 Bolt has a special place in my disc golf journey. It was my go-to driver for years and the first disc with which I consistently broke the 300-foot mark. Its reliability and predictable flight made it my choice during the Glass Blown Open in Emporia, Kansas. The Pestilence disc was more than just gear—it became the bedrock of my skills and self-assurance on the course.

5. Doomsday Discs Pestilence

The Doomsday Discs Pestilence, though a newer addition to the understable disc scene, quickly earned its place in my favorites. Its high degree of high-speed turn, more pronounced than any of the other discs mentioned here, allows it to cover remarkable distances. As someone who appreciates an understable bomber, the Pestilence immediately caught my attention, and it’s a disc I frequently rely on for those long, impressive throws.

Each of these discs, from the Maya’s deceptive speed to the Pestilence’s remarkable distance, has played a part in either my personal experience or that of close acquaintances in the disc golf world. Each disc, from the swift Maya to the far-flying Pestilence, brings something special to our game with their distinct capabilities in flight.

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Highly Understable Distance Drivers

Even though the drivers listed above are “understable.” These discs will only be understable in light weights or if you already have decent form and power (can throw about 300 feet of distance). If you can’t throw quite this far, then consider this list for the best VERY Understable Discs.

Leopard top rated understable fairway driver

Best Understable Fairway Drivers

Understable drivers offer more than just increased distance; they excel in executing hyzer flip shots, which are often the most reliable way to throw a disc golf driver straight. If you’re looking to get the maximum distance from a perfectly straight throw, an understable fairway driver is your ideal choice. When you’re up against the challenge of tight, tree-lined fairways, reach for an understable driver to carve through the course with precision.

Fairway drivers are known for their smooth flight paths and consistent control. Here are my personal recommendations for the best understable fairway drivers:

1. Westside Hatchet

The Westside Hatchet is an exceptional disc. It may be too understable for power players, who might prefer it for roller throws, but for players like me, it’s perfect for hyzer flips and low-speed, flat-release shots where the disc needs to glide effortlessly. There was a time when the Hatchet was my most valuable disc, offering not only easy distance but also ultra-straight flights and the benefit of some high-speed turn.

2. Infinite Discs Sphinx

The Sphinx is quite similar to the Hatchet, with a slightly thicker rim and perhaps a touch less glide. It has become my current favorite for straight-line long drives and shots where I don’t want the driver to fade at the end. I prefer the Sphinx in the affordable I-Blend plastic; it has replaced the Hatchet as my go-to, primarily due to its lower replacement cost. I like my Sphinxes in the 160g weight range for that beautifully understable flight.

3. Doomsday Discs Blackout

The Blackout is another enjoyable disc when you’re aiming for both good distance and a straight flight. I find that the Blackout doesn’t glide as well as the Hatchet and Sphinx and fades out a bit more. Great disc from a fun up and coming brand.

4. Innova Leopard

The Innova Leopard, in DX plastic, was my first understable disc golf driver. Like many who receive the Leopard in a starter set, I found it to be a great straight-flying driver. The Leopard is slower and doesn’t have the distance potential of the other favorite understable fairway drivers mentioned, but if minimizing end-of-flight fade is your main goal, the Leopard is the top choice.

5. Latitude 64 River

I have a special fondness for my Latitude 64 Rivers. Compared to other fairway drivers, the River has a wider diameter, which supposedly aids its glide and ability to stay straighter. Whether it’s the psychological effect of its ‘7’ glide rating or not, the River is an excellent, easy-to-throw disc at low power. It’s similar in flight to the Leopard, but with a different feel. If the higher price isn’t a concern, I would recommend the River over the Leopard.

All these are fantastic understable fairway drivers, but for more ideas of top rated choices, check out the Infinite Discs best lists:

Understable Red Midrange Discs

Top Understable Midrange Discs

Understable midrange discs are even better for striaght shots on wooded courses than fairway drivers. While a midrange won’t provide you with as much distance, it is easier to throw dead straight without any end of flight fade. While new players will find it almost impossible to throw any driver, even fairway drivers, completely straight, they can throw understable mids piped right down the alley without much deviation in flight.

These are my picks for the best understable mids in disc golf:

1. Dynamic Discs Patrol

When I first encountered the Dynamic Discs Patrol, it was through a review video featuring professional disc golfer Eric Oakley. He tested a brand new Patrol and, due to his powerful throws, found it challenging to control, as it consistently turned over. The Patrol, notable for its thin profile and shallow rim depth for a midrange disc, immediately caught my attention.

Upon my first throw with the Patrol, I was instantly smitten. This disc reliably completes its flight without fading, perfect for my power level, especially for hyzer release throws that finish straight. Advanced players with more power might find it too flippy, but for me, it’s ideal for achieving those unique flight paths that are crucial for scoring birdies on tricky holes.

2. DGA Tremor

The DGA Tremor closely resembles the DD Patrol but tends to be even more understable in my experience. I adore this disc for hyzer flip shots, and it’s exceptionally well-suited for beginners. The Tremor, like the Patrol, is a thin, slightly faster midrange disc.

3. Latitude 64 Fuse

The Fuse was one of the first understable midrange discs I ever used, quickly becoming my go-to during my debut disc golf tournament. While it’s not as understable as the Patrol or Tremor, the Fuse excels in delivering straight-line throws.

4. Westside Tursas

The Tursas, another outstanding understable midrange from the Trilogy series, is produced by Latitude 64 in Sweden. It offers a similar flight to the Patrol but has a distinctively different feel, with a deeper rim and more substance. Interestingly, the Tursas from the 2023 Trilogy Challenge player packs was quite overstable, a unique variation in an otherwise consistently understable line.

5. Innova Wombat3

Instead of another Trilogy midrange, I decided to include Innova’s Wombat3 in my top 5. It’s a delight to throw, with its large diameter differing significantly from the Tremor or Patrol. The Wombat3 might be the straightest flying midrange I’ve used, with less high-speed turn. It’s particularly suitable for new players transitioning from Ultimate Frisbee.

When it comes to understable mids, I may be partial to the Trilogy line, they’ve just done good things for me but there are lots of good easy to throw midrange discs out there. Check out these lists for more ideas.

Explore the highest-rated midrange discs with understable characteristics, perfect for finesse shots and controlled turnovers.

DD Deputy Understable Putter

Best Understable Disc Golf Putters

Understable putters are likely the least used, and least popular understable disc type. Because of the neutral flight the shape of putters naturally exhibit most players don’t find a need for an understable putter.  Putters aren’t going to provide you with big distance, but, if you want a frisbee golf disc that will fly completely straight with now turn or fade at low speeds, these are the discs you want. I just wrote a full article on the best understable putters here.

1. Dynamic Discs Deputy

My journey with the Dynamic Discs Deputy began with its reputation for a smooth glide and remarkable control. The Deputy keeps lines tight with its neutral flight. When I first tried the Deputy, I was impressed by its consistent performance, especially during those crucial short-range putts. Its understable nature means it won’t fade too much at the end, a feature that significantly boosts confidence in my putting game.

2. Prodigy PA 5

The Prodigy PA 5 quickly became a favorite of mine for its exceptional ability to hold a line. It’s perfect for those gently curved putts where precision is key. As soon as I began to play with it, I noticed its understable design meant consistent, straightforward flights—a real plus for beginners or players who throw more gently. The PA 5’s no-fuss build and reliable performance have made it my clutch companion for nailing those demanding putts.

3. Discraft Fierce

The Discraft Fierce, designed by professional disc golfer Paige Pierce revolutionized my friend Shawn Christopherson’s game by offering pinpoint accuracy when a soft touch is crucial.

The Fierce truly shines when precision and finesse are the name of the game, much like how a storyteller paints vivid pictures with carefully chosen words. I was initially drawn to it because of its endorsement by professional player Paige Pierce, and it didn’t disappoint. Its straight flight with minimal fade is ideal for direct putts. When I first used the Fierce, its comfortable grip and predictability immediately improved my putting accuracy, making it a regular choice for my more precise putting needs.

4. Dynamic Discs Keystone

The Keystone from Dynamic Discs is another understable putter that has earned its place in my collection. The Keystone’s gentle turn allows for a reliably straight trajectory, ideal when you’re aiming to sink those longer putts with precision. My experience with the Keystone has been nothing short of exceptional, particularly for those shots where a bit more glide is needed to reach the basket. The Keystone truly shines when you’re gunning for that extra reach towards the basket, nailing both distance and accuracy without breaking a sweat.

5. Gateway Magic

Last but not least, the Gateway Magic has been a revelation. The disc adapts well to different putting styles. The first time I threw the Magic, I was amazed at its ability to adapt to various putting styles. Whether I needed a gentle toss or a more assertive throw, the Magic remained consistent and predictable. Its minimal fade at the end of its flight makes it a go-to for accurate approaches in tight situations around the basket.


Whether you’re new to disc golf or an experienced player, there’s an understable disc out there that’ll up your game.  The Hatchet’s smooth glide and the Wombat’s versatility showcase how each understable disc provides distinctive flight characteristics to suit an array of playing styles and skill levels. Navigating dense trees on the course, nailing precise shots near the basket, or adding a touch of grace to your technique—these understable discs are key for stepping up your game.

Having the perfect disc can lower your scores and let you try crazy shots. Venturing into understable discs unlocks new techniques and strategies to take your disc golf game to the next level. Remember, the best disc is the one that works for you and aligns with your playing style, so don’t hesitate to experiment with these top picks and find the best understable discs for you.