Best Understable Disc Golf Drivers

The understable driver is the key for giving average disc golfers more distance. When a disc doesn’t fly fast enough, it fades and loses distance. The turn understable disc golf drivers provide help them to go the distance.

Here are the top rated understable disc golf drivers according to Infinite Discs reviewers. This list includes two ultra high speed drivers (Nuke SS and Katana) as well as three discs ideal for intermediate players.

Top Rated Understable Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Innova Roadrunner – This understable beauty has a 4.88 rating from eight different voters. The Roadrunner is highly Innova Roadrunner Understable Driverrecommended for players with weaker arms and recommended as a roller for more advanced players. This disc is available in Champion and Star plastics.

Steve Says:

The Roadrunner is a truly underrated disc. For people with less power, it is easy to get up to speed for straight shots. Put enough snap on it, and you get nice turnover lines. Go huge on it for rollers. The only thing it doesn’t handle well is wind. While many might think it is just for noodle arms, it can truly fit anyone’s style.

Discraft Avenger SS – The Avenger SS is highly recommended as the high speed driver new disc golfers should use. From Avenger-SS-FLXthe eight disc golfers who have voted, this disc has a rating of 4.75 out of 5. 

Derek O’Neil says:

For those learning to play, this should be your first maximum distance driver! It will forgive errors and help you get a little extra distance. I still have one in my bag when I need anhyzer around obstacles, but still need a lot of distance. When thrown flat and straight it will give a nice S-curve (fade to the right, then hook back to the left) which gives the disc some extra distance.

Innova Valkyrie – The disc that held the world distance record for a decade is a very popular understable/stable driver. Valkyrie-ProThis isn’t the fastest flying disc out there, but it might be for less experienced players. From 12 votes the Valkyrie has a 4.67 rating.

Mark says:

This is my absolute favorite distance driver. It gives me good distance, I can modify the lines for different holes, and get great accuracy from it nearly every shot. I can throw it backhand or forehand, and it’s OK overhand too. It powers down well, and works great for almost anything. I would recomend this disc to anyone looking at drivers.

Discraft Nuke SS – Power throwers looking for big S curves can find them with the Nuke SS. This thick rimmed disc is Super Stable Nuke SSultra fast (Speed 13) and offers massive turn before a major fade. From 8 votes, this disc has a 4.63 rating.

Derek says:

This is my go to disc! I can get more distance with this disc than any others in my bag! When new it will follow a beautiful S-curve and when it is broken in, you can release on a hyzer line and it will turn over for maximum distance. For beginners, this disc is excellent! For the long bombs, this is the disc. For windier situations, check out its more overstable brother, then Nuke!

Innova Katana – The Katana is our other high speed disc that made the top 5 rankings. This disc is very similar to the Innova KatanaNuke SS, and offers massive turn followed by big fade. From 7 votes, the Katana scored 4.29.

Rakoz says:

Really a game changer for me. This disc taught this power thrower control. It can flip really easy but with the right touch it just sails. In the wind I keep a 175 champion and throw it about 5 feet off the ground so it doesn’t flip so fast and get a nice roller out of it (otherwise I’m throwing max weight destroyers). With room and no wind I’ve thrown this disc over 500ft multiple times. Master the Katana and you’ll add 50ft. Not for beginners.


4.9/5 - (30 votes)

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