Best Understable Disc Golf Drivers

The understable driver is the key for giving average disc golfers more distance. When a disc doesn’t fly fast enough, it fades and loses distance. The turn, or “flippiness” of understable disc golf drivers allows them to get a full “S-curve flight” path and hence more distance.

With so many different disc golf discs and brands to choose from, where do you even start? In this article we will use data to help you determine the best understable distance drivers.

Best Understable Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Typically, an understable distance driver yields optimal distance for disc golfers boasting a throwing range of 300 to 400 feet. Generally, individuals with a total throw below this benchmark might find a fairway driver more suitable.

To determine the best understable distance drivers we analyzed data from Infinite Discs top selling understable distance driver page, their highest rated understable distance drivers page, and ranked my personal favorite discs selecting only those that appear in the the top twenty lists. I then created a formula that weights the different categories to determine this Top 10 List:

Overall Rank

Disc Mold

Top Selling Rank

Highest Rated Rank

Personal Ranking

1 Infinite Discs Maya 1 3 6
2 Innova Tern 3 9 5
3 Discraft Hades 6 10 7
4 Discraft Avenger SS 4 14 8
5 Westside Destiny NR 1 2
6 Clash Discs Wild Honey 5 NR 9
7 Doomsday Discs Pestilence 17 NR 1
8 Latitude 64 Bolt 18 NR 3
9 Viking Discs Berserker NR 20 4
10 MVP Catalyst 20 NR 10

Infinite Discs Maya

Infinite Discs Maya - Best Understable Distance DriverThe Infinite Discs Maya is’s choice as the best Understable Distance driver. It caters to everyone from beginners to advanced players. Reviewers are raving about its straight, controllable flight, making it a go-to for various skill levels. Folks love its versatility for turnover shots, hyzer flips, and even as a roller. The plastic types and weights get a detailed breakdown, with users sharing their experiences based on these variations. Some are particularly psyched about its beginner-friendly features, giving effortless distance and consistent flights.

The Maya isn’t just talk; it’s topping the charts! It’s holding the crown as the #1 on the top-selling list and rocking a solid #3 on the highest-rated list. So, it’s not just the reviewers singing its praises; it’s making waves in the sales and ratings game too. Looks like the Maya is winning hearts and throwing distances all around.


Innova Tern

Innova Tern - Top rated understable distance driver

I remember the Tern being the first disc I ever saw someone huck for more than 400 feet. My friend Cameron was able to push the Tern for distances that I didn’t think were possible for a frisbee golf disc. For a while back in 2013-2014 the Tern was my go-to distance driver because it really did give me the most distance. Good times with that disc!

People love its versatile flight, giving that extra bit of glide and making it perfect for different types of shots. However, there’s a bit of a catch—it can be a bit touchy in the wind, especially when those breezes start picking up. Intermediate players have a sweet spot for this disc, finding a balance between distance and control. Some also feel that the tern excels in tunnel shots, and the Champion plastic version gets a lot of love for its durability.

Discraft Avenger SS

Discraft Avenger SSThe Discraft Avenger SS is another disc that was an eye opener to me of the possibilities of the way golf discs can fly back in my early days playing the sport. The Avenger SS was the first disc that I ever witnessed a hyzer flip with. Up to that point, I thought discs golf discs only faded, I didn’t realize that they could actually turn to the right when thrown with enough power!

The Avenger SS is a solid choice for players of all skill level. This disc is user-friendly, especially for those starting out, but offers versatility for different skill levels.

Many reviewers highlight its usefulness for beginners, praising its straight flight path and forgiving nature. It’s a good pick for adding distance, handling hyzer flips, and even trying out rollers. Experienced players love the Avenger SS for more advanced throws, like hyzer flips and turnovers.

If you’re looking for a an understable driver that’s beginner-friendly and adaptable, you can’t go wrong with the Discraft Avenger SS.

Most Popular Understable Distance Drivers

The ranking of the top 20 most popular understable distance drivers is determined by sales performance, where higher sales volumes signify greater popularity. Consumer purchasing decisions directly influence these rankings, with the frequency of a disc’s sales serving as a key metric.

Top Selling Understable Distance Drivers
Rank Disc Mold
1 Infinite Discs Maya
2 Innova Mamba
3 Innova Tern
4 Discraft Avenger SS
5 Clash Discs Wild Honey
6 Discraft Hades
7 Innova Katana
8 Discraft Thrasher
9 Discraft Scorch
10 Lone Star Tumbleweed
11 Clash Vanilla
12 Discraft Nuke SS
13 MVP Inertia
14 Innova Daedalus
15 Discmania DD
Dino Discs Tyrannosaurus Rex
17 Doomsday Discs Pestilence
18 Latitude 64 Bolt
19 Loe Star Harrier
20 MVP Catalyst

Highest Rated Distance Drivers

The assessment of the highest-rated distance drivers is based on the average star ratings assigned to specific discs. Notably, a pattern emerges where understable discs, as a general trend, receive lower ratings compared to their stable counterparts. This phenomenon is primarily attributed to the fact that, for more proficient players with greater power, flippy discs exhibit reduced consistency. Consequently, these players often assign lower ratings, as their substantial throwing capacity allows them to effectively handle overstable discs for longer distances.

Highest Rated Understable Distance Drivers
Rank Disc Mold
1 Westside Destiny
2 DGA Sail
3 Infinite Discs Maya
4 DGA Tempest
5 Discraft Thrasher
6 MVP Relativity
7 Line Star Tumbleweed
8 MVP Orbital
9 Innova Tern
10 Discraft Hades
11 Innova Mamba
12 Axiom Mayhem
13 Dynamic Discs Captain
14 Discraft Avenger SS
15 MVP Inertia
16 Prodigy D3 Max
17 Discmania Astronaut
18 Innova Daedalus
19 Discraft Scorch
20 Viking Discs Berserker

We hope this article will be helpful in helping you to find the best understable distance driver. Understable distance drivers are ideal for players aiming at that sweet 300 to 400 feet range. By leveraging data from sales, user ratings, and personal insights we determined our top ten list. The top performers—Infinite Discs Maya, Innova Tern, and Discraft Avenger SS—take the spotlight. With Maya leading the pack, lauded for its adaptability, controlled flight, and top-notch popularity.

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