Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

Disc Golf Mystery Box

At the end of the year disc golf manufacturers and retailers love to promote “Mystery Boxes.” A mystery disc golf box is essentially a bulk set of discs (typically 5-12) you can purchase where you don’t know the specifics of which discs you’ll get. The the price per disc of Mystery Boxes is far less than MSRP. The fact that you don’t know what discs you’re getting is why these boxes are mysteries.

Mystery boxes provide a great way to get discs on the cheap. Many of the manufacturers also like to include valuable limited edition collector discs to encourage hype for the product. In some ways, purchasing a mystery disc golf box is like gambling, you might get a really valuable disc, but then again you might not. It’s possible that you’ll get a stack of discs that you don’t even care for.

Why Mystery Boxes for Disc Golf?

There are two reasons why Mystery Boxes are so popular.

  1. People love them. Disc Golfers love the surprise factor and the value. Remember that feeling of Christmas morning when you were a little kid? That same rush of excitement often occurs when buying a mystery disc golf box. Mystery boxes are great for gifts, especially when you don’t know what kind of discs your disc golfer prefers.
  2. It’s a great way for disc golf companies to get rid of excess plastic and factory seconds before years end. The reality is that it is hard for disc manufacturers to anticipate how much demand each disc mold and plastic type will bring. It is very common to see new disc molds that are very popular shortly after initial release, but then wain in popularity after the manufacturer makes a very large second run. Because most of the manufacturers have minimum price standards they want to maintain, their best way to “liquidate” surplus inventory is by selling them in bulk sets. This doesn’t mean these discs are bad, they are often just not as popular as the manufacturer anticipated.

Should I Purchase a Mystery Disc Golf Box?

Mystery Boxes are perfect if you aren’t looking for specific discs or flight characteristics. If you are a newer disc golfer and are looking to increase your arsenal of potential on the course weapons, this is about the best way to do it. With mystery boxes you get to try new products that will help you determine what you like and what disc options will shave strokes of your game.

Mystery boxes are also fun to purchase with a group of friends. Divide the discs up or play games to decide which of the mystery discs each player gets. Playing a disc golf round with entirely new discs is a fun challenge that adds additional elements to the already great game of disc golf. I highly recommend Mystery Boxes for recreational round challenges with your buddies. In fact, Infinite Discs even offers a program where you can buy bulk discount discs for this very purpose. Check out the Infinite Discs Mystery Challenge here.

If you are a seasoned disc golfer set in your ways and have your disc golf bag all figured out, then don’t waste your money on Mystery Boxes. There is a really good chance you will just be disappointed with your lot. It’s better to spend your money on three discs that you know you will like than seven discs that you might want.

Where to Buy Disc Golf Mystery Boxes in 2023?

There are loads of mystery boxes this time of year before the holiday season and fiscal year end. Here is a list of places that have, or will soon have Mystery Boxes this year:


Discraft Mystery Boxes

Discraft is getting a start on the Holiday season early this year. Instead of waiting until Black Friday, they are having an “Orange Friday Sale” where there 2023 Mystery boxes go on sale on October 27th. These will only be available directly from the Discraft Factory Store. There is a limited quantity of these boxes, so it’s very possible they will be all sold out by Black Friday.

Discraft was one of the original creators of the Mystery Box. These boxes are usually available beginning black Friday and offer an excellent value on misprint and surplus discs.  The 10 disc misprint mystery pack from Discraft gives gives you an effective cost of just $6 per disc. These mystery boxes include discs in a variety of different plastic types. Discraft also offers a number of other misprint packs where you can choose by plastic type.

If you’re a gambler or like raffles, you’ll like this mystery box. Each box promises a value of at least $150 and one in every five boxes purchased includes a “big ticket” item such as a Grip Bag disc golf backpack, Chainstar Lite Basket, Zuca Card, or bonus gift card.
Price: $99

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs Mystery BoxInfinite Discs Mystery Boxes – As the worlds largest disc golf retailer, Infinite Discs offers Disc Golf Mystery Boxes year round. The nice thing about Infinite Mystery boxes is that they include discs from many different brands which gives you an opportunity to try a variety of different manufacturers and plastic types. Infinite Discs offers a variety of different mystery boxes that can fit any budget. The least expensive are only $25 for five  base plastic discs, but there are also large boxes that also include a 15 discs and a large disc golf bag. The most popular Infinite Mystery Box is the 7 disc premium plastic Deals Box. Unlike most other brand mystery boxes, very few discs included in deals boxes are misprints or factory seconds.

For the holiday season, Infinite Discs is planning an exclusive Black Friday mystery pack that features special edition discs that can only be obtained (for now) by purchasing the Mystery Box. Get more details by following the Infinite Discs Black Friday post.


DGA Mystery Boxes – DGA is a lesser known brand that is known primarily for their disc golf baskets. Their discs are manufactured by Discraft. This year DGA has introduced a number of different mystery boxes including a 10Pack, 5 Pack, and 3 Pack options in both misprints and stock stamp packs.


Discmania Mystery Boxes Discmania Mystery BoxDiscmania is known for having super high value collectible items (mostly involving Simon Lizotte and Eagle MacMahan signature discs) in their Mystery Boxes. Discmania Mystery boxes are typically more expensive than other brands, but for Discmaniacs, this is really the only choice, and the way to get a highly collectible disc at a bargain price. I have no doubt that they will have something good this year.

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs Mystery Box

Dynamic Discs mystery boxes include 6 Discs for $60. These discs include a variety of different discs from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64 and Westside and are guaranteed to include a variety of putters, midrange discs, and drivers. To help increase they hype and value, these boxes often include signature discs from some of their top touring professionals. They also include a small selection of boxes with golden tickets good to redeem high value products like baskets and backpacks.

I’ve also heard rumors that DD is going to do special Ricky Wysocki boxes this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do other tour series special to help liquidate surplus inventory.

MVP, Axiom, Streamline

MVP Disc Sports

Disc Golf Mystery BoxLast year was the first year we have seen MVP Mystery Boxes. They offered three different Mystery box options. Their “Lab Second” box includes 20 discs for $150, the OOP Box includes 10 discs for $100, and their Swag Pack Mystery Box consists primarily of items that are not discs. These boxes were met with mixed reviews but all sold out.

This year they are releasing their gyro-palooza boxes, which are essentially value packs filled with mystery discs. I will try to get my hands on one of these and will update this post with more information when I get it.

This post will continually be updated throughout the 2023 Holiday Season to give you the best information on available mystery boxes from a variety of different disc golf companies and outlet stores.

Do you know of more Mystery box options? If so please let us know about them in the comments below so that we can add them to our list of places to buy disc golf mystery boxes.