Remix Sports Disc Golf Set Review

Remix Disc Golf Set Review

In my quest for new discs to try while stranded in Delaware, Amazon Prime brought me the Remix Disc Golf Set. They didn’t come in a fancy packaging box, but that didn’t bother me because a good end value purchase on the product is what really matters.

Remix disc golf set packaging

My first impression — value. These discs are quality premium plastics that feel great. Even the putter feels more like a mid grade Latitude 64 blend rather than an inexpensive base plastic as is typically found from a non mainstream disc golf brand. The driver seems to be in a translucent Champion type blend while I’d describe the midrange plastic blend as a cross between Latitude 64 Goldline and Innova Star. It’s grip feels more like Goldline but the flex feels a lot like Star. Based on appearance and feel, I’d say these plastics are more premium than Innova’s most popular sellers.

2023 Remix Update

Since I wrote this original review in 2019, there have been a ton of new Remix discs and sets added to the lineup. Click the images for these great deals on Amazon.


Remix Starter Set Review

While these discs are premium blend discs, marketing this discs as a starter set is a terrible way to introduce new players to disc golf. The company that markets them obviously doesn’t understand disc golf and the kind of discs a beginner needs. All the discs in the Remix set are very overstable (especially the midrange). I would recommend the Kestrel Outdoors disc golf set to beginners before I’d ever recommend this set.

But, if you are an experienced player just looking for a killer value on a few more discs to add to your bag, and don’t care that these discs are not PDGA approved, then by all means purchase this set today. It is such a good value for premium plastic discs with a unique new feel.

Ronin Driver

Ronin DriverThe Ronin is an overstable driver. It’s not a thick rim distance driver, but also not the thin rim fairway driver that you typically find in starter sets either. This disc is not meathook overstable (although it probably is for beginners), but consistently overstable. It worked well for forehand distance shots for me and overstable backhand throws that would fade hard left. I’d give it flight ratings of 9/5/0/3.

Battleship Midrange

Remix BattleshipThe Remix Battleship is a super beefy overstable midrange. I could get very little distance with it on backhand throws but it worked well for me for control forehand shots, although I found that I was consistently throwing the Battleship into the ground. once I started aimiing a little bit higher than I thought I needed too, the Battleship worked well as a utility midrange for for me, the same way I use the Dynamic Discs Justice, althought this disc is not quite that overstable, probably more comparable with an Innova Gator  in overstability. I’d give it flight ratings of 5/3/0/3. This is a great utility midrange, but a terrible disc to use in a disc golf starter set.

Juggernaut Putter

RemixJuggernautPutterThe Juggernaut has a great feel for a putter, perhaps one of the best I’ve ever felt, I really like it. The discs seems to have a wider diameter than the average putter, but it might just be the inner diameter feel and the fact that it is completely flat until the edge of the rim starts to curve that gives it a different feel. The Juggernaut has a small comfortable bead and is of moderate putter depth. Flight wise, the Juggernaut was quite overstable, doesn’t have the most glide, and I struggled putting with it for any distance outside of about 25 feet.

Overall, the Remix Starter set is a terrible disc golf set for beginners, but a good set for experienced players that don’t play disc golf tournaments, but want some quality discs for a low price. Because the price is so low for such excellent quality plastic, the Remix set has made our top 10 list of the best disc golf sets.