Skyquest Discs

Skyquest is a small disc manufacturer in Gresham Oregon. It appears that they only have two discs at the moment: the Medusa and the L13. Both discs are drivers, and they only comes in one type of plastic.

My initial impression of the discs (after overcoming the provocative Medusa picture) was that they looked flimsy, and would wear easily. I didn’t think we’d be able to make it through our test throws without creating huge flight altering nicks and gashes. The plastic on these golf discs is really soft, much softer than Innova DX plastic. It is very malleable, almost rubbery; you can actually bend these discs. I thought, “poor Skyquest, they only make two discs, and their plastic quality is very low. They’ve been so accommodating to me, but I’m going to have to give their discs a bad review.” After handling the discs for a few minutes I started to like the feel. These discs felt sleek, aerodynamic, balanced, and the grip is sooooo good. I got really excited to let these discs fly, and couldn’t wait to do test throws with Kirk.

After dinner I told my boys that we were going to the park so I could test out the Skyquest Discs. While I was putting my shoes on, my six year old threw the Medusa in the front yard and said, “Dad this disc goes really far!”

Fast Straight Flight

My first throw at the park was with my Skyquest Lucky 13. It was a back hand throw and came out of my hand fast, low, straight, and just kept on gliding. I don’t think I’ve ever had a throw that long and straight with any other disc. I thought “Wow, that was fast, I like this disc!” Next I threw my Medusa…….. same results….. fast, straight, and excellent glide.

Just to make sure I didn’t develop some super throwing muscles last night, I pulled out four Innova and two Discraft discs to see how they performed. They faded much harder at the end of their flight, didn’t seem as fast, and landed about 30 feed shy of the Skyquest golf discs.

Turnover Throws

I tried some anhyzer throws. The Medusa is probably the best long distance turnover disc I’ve ever thrown. It kept the angle all the way until it crashed into the ground. The L13 also kept its line very well, but differed from the Medusa as it had an overstable fade to the left at the end of the anhyzer flight.

Forehand Throws

The Medusa is an under-stable disc, and I have a really a really hard time throwing understable discs forehand, especially when they have a grippy plastic. Despite the under-stableness, and the great grip, I was able to throw these discs forehand very well. In fact, my forehand throws went much further than I anticipated. One throw smashed into the softball field fence. Another cleared the fence and skidded across the parking lot.
Skyquest Medusa After Smashing into Fence. No noticeable damage.


Initially I thought the Skyquest plastic looked soft and would get beat up easily. After crashing into the fence and parking lot, these discs still look as good as new. There is very little sign of wear or damage. The plastic is soft, but it is strong and bouncy. I imagine these discs will hold up for a long time.

I’m excited to start using these Skyquest Discs in our test experiments. After just my first few throws, I have a feeling that these discs will perform very well for both distance and accuracy. Their straight flight pattern and turnover ability gives them potential to perform well for a diverse selection of difficult shots. I see these discs making a permanent home in my non test golf bag.

Skyquest only makes a couple of discs right now, but they are good ones. Hopefully we’ll see some more discs in the future, but even if we don’t these two discs can probably out perform about ten different discs in your bag.