Loft Discs Review

Loft Disc Golf Discs

Loft Discs is a unique manufacturer of disc golf discs located in Denmark.

Like most of the European disc brands, Loft is an ultra premium manufacturer. That quality plastic also has has the premium price tag to go with it. Loft’s plastics feels fantastic and seem to be very durable. The manufacturing process is superb and there are no signs of defects or flashing on any of the three discs that I sampled.

Loft was one of the pandemic born manufacturers and began their company with a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $200,000 in 8 minutes!

The founders of Loft have definitely done their due diligence and are using science and engineering to develop some unique disc golf discs. Their first disc the Hydrogen was PDGA approved on the very last day of 2020. Thus far they have three disc golf discs.

Straightest Flying Putter in Disc Golf

The first disc released by Loft to their Kickstarter contributors was the Hydrogen putter. This disc was advertised as the straightest flying disc golf disc ever made, and this statement just might be accurate.

If you throw the Hydrogen flat, it really won’t turn or fade. One of the reasons that this disc is able to fly so straight is likely because of the ultra thin rim.

After using the Hydrogen for a few weeks now, I absolutely love this putter. According to Loft, this disc has very little glide, but I think it actually glides very well.

I love the feel of the Hydrogen for putting and the perfectly straight flight path it provides is even better as an approach disc.

Fastest Driver in Disc Golf

According to Loft Discs, their second disc, the Bohrium driver, is “the fastest driver in disc golf.” This may be true for some people, but certainly not for me.

On rare occasions, I am able to throw discs for more than 400 feet, but that’s only with light weight understable stuff, and I need to get the throw just right to get maximum distance from a big S-Curve.

For me a good throw with the Bohrium will go only about 300 feet in distance. The one area where I can see this disc potentially being useful for a moderate speed player like myself is it’s skip ability. This disc gets some major ground skip and can go 40-50 feet in an almost perpendicular direction after it hits the ground.

The thing that makes the Bohrium so unique is the rounded inner rim. This rim makes the disc very comfortable, and supposedly makes the Bohrium even more aerodynamic.

After initially feeling this disc, I was concerned that the rounded inner rim would make this disc slip out of my hand more easily. Fortunately that was not the case and I had no grip issues on backhand throws. However, for forehand throws, the Bohrium regularly came out earlier than I intended making an errant throw.

This video demonstrates the flight of this disc for people who actually do have the power to throw it properly.

Overstable Midrange

The last disc of the three currently available in the Loft line is the Silicon midrange.

Unlike the other two discs, the Silicon Mid isn’t really unique compared with other overstable mids.

This is a premium feeling disc for sure and all edges are ultra smooth and comfortable. The Silicon has a nice flat top and is very comfortable for both forehand and backhand releases.  The alpha solid plastic is really nice with a moderately stiff feel to it and adequate grip. It’s not a plastic that I would consider grippy, but I definitely did not have any issues with slippage during my testing rounds.

I really like the Silicon, but it really isn’t that different than any overstable discs made by mainstream disc golf manufacturers.

Are Loft Discs PDGA Approved?

Yes. In fact not only are the original three discs reviewed here approved, but they also have two new discs, the Neon and Titanium that were just approved in October of 2023.

Should You Try Loft Discs?

One of the fun things about disc golf is trying new discs and disc golf technology. For this reason, I highly recommend trying out Loft Discs, as this is a brand that actually puts in research and effort into their disc creation. However the high price tag of Loft’s products does make this brand less desirable to the budget conscience.

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