The Most Trusty Straight-Flying Disc Golf Discs

One of the most common statements I’ve heard while selling disc golf discs is, “I just need you to give me your straightest flying disc.”

Looking for a “straight flying disc” can be a bit of a tricky task since how straight a disc flies depends on several factors. However, by asking a few follow up questions, I’ve found that most disc golfers who want to find a straight flying disc are newer players who are frustrated by the strong fade their disc golf discs have.

I always make sure to tell everyone that all disc golf discs fade at the end of their flight, however, there are certain discs that are going to resist fade better than others, and those are the discs that we will be looking at today.

It is worth noting at the beginning that there are very few drivers on this list, which might be disappointing initially for some. However, as you learn more about how discs are molded and shaped, you also learn that high speed driver discs like the popular Innova Destroyer, Infinite Discs Pharoah, or Discraft Zeus aren’t designed to fly a simple, straight flight. These high speed discs are literally built for distance, and in order to achieve that distance, they need to move to the left and right as they fly through the air.

That isn’t to say the discs on this list can’t fly far! In the right hands and with the right practice, these trusty straight flying discs can get you a long way down your fairways with no problem! In this list we will move from slowest to highest speed discs, meaning simply the discs will increase in their distance potential.


Innova Nova

innova nova

The Innova Nova is the first disc I think of when I’m asked to name a straight flying disc. This Putt and Approach disc is a true approach disc, meaning it is used most often on approach shots from 100-200 feet away from the pin. The unique overmolding on this disc helps keep the disc flying super straight when it is thrown with a flat release.

Discraft Luna

discraft luna

The Luna has quickly become Discraft’s top selling putter. It is a great disc for putting, but as 5x World Champion Paul McBeth has shown time and time again on tour, the Luna flies very very straight on long approach shots as well.

Infinite Discs Alpaca

infinite discs alpaca

The Infinite Discs Alpaca makes this list because of how well it glides through the air and stays true to its flight similar to the previously mentioned Luna. I’d recommend choosing a P-Blend or D-Blend Alpaca when you are looking for a trusty straight flight, as the Swirly S-Blend Alpacas tend to fade a bit earlier in their flight.

Viking Discs Rune

viking discs rune

The last “putter” on our list is the Viking Discs Rune. The Rune has recently become a popular choice for straight flying putters. It is one of my father’s favorite discs in his bag because of its comfortable beaded rim grip and because he knows he can trust it to fly very straight.


Innova Mako 3

innova mako 3

The Innova Mako 3 is often considered the gold standard for straight flying midranges. This beadless midrange has a 0 fade and 0 turn rating from Innova, which is exactly what you want to see when you are looking for a straight flying disc. This disc might turn over a bit if it is given too much power, but with practice any disc golfer should be able to get a nice straight flight with the Mako 3.

Infinite Discs Anubis

infinite discs anubis

The Infinite Discs Anubis is a popular straight flying midrange for disc golfers of all skill levels. It has a nice shallow and beadless rim that makes it great for younger players with smaller hands. Like the Mako 3, it has potential to get flippy if given too much power, but that shouldn’t be a problem as you get to know how to throw it.

Discraft Buzzz SS

discraft buzzz ss

The “SS” in the Discraft Buzzz SS stands for “Super Straight,” so it is a natural fit for our list today right? The original Discraft Buzzz is a nice straight flying midrange as well, but the Buzzz SS is just a touch more understable, meaning it will resist the end of flight fade just a bit better, making it a better fit for our list today.

Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder

space athletics pathfinder

The Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder is a beautiful disc with beautiful stamp designs, and it is a great straight flying midrange. It is great for all skill levels, though it probably needs the most power of the midranges listed here in order to get that straight flight that resists fading at the end. The other end of that equation however probably makes it the best disc on the list to not turn over if it is thrown with too much power.


Latitude 64 River

latitude 64 river

The Latitude 64 River has been a go to straight flying fairway driver for a long time. Like all the drivers on this list, it can turn over if it is given too much power and it will fade hard if it isn’t thrown with enough power, but when thrown just right, it is a beautifully straight flier that is a lot of fun to throw.

Infinite Discs Centurion

infinite discs centurion
The Infinite Discs Centurion is like a friendly cousin of the Latitude 64 River. The Centurion has a slightly bigger rim that I’ve found feels a touch more comfortable in my hand. The Centurion flies very straight, but can also be a “shapeable” disc. It is one that can be manipulated to fit a few different kinds of shots, making it very versatile.

Infinite Discs Dynasty

infinite discs dynasty

With a speed rating of 9, the Infinite Discs Dynasty is by far the highest speed disc on this list, but it’s stability makes it a perfect fit here. This disc is sneaky far. If you are throwing the Centurion or River for straight shots and find that you are starting to turn them over more than you used to, then try out the Dynasty as it will hold straight with that additional power better while also getting a bit more distance in the flight as well.