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The Buzzz (3 Z’s and don’t forget it) is a popular Discraft Mid Range disc that offers a straight flight. It has a “0” Stability rating meaning that it will fly straight if your throw is level. One of the nicest thing about the Buzz is that it is very cheap in the Pro-D plastic. You can purchase them for less than $10. Here is the great review we got from Summit Sports, and some links to buy one at an affordable price.

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Discraft Buzzz Accuracy Results

The Buzzz is one of the highest acclaimed discs for approaches, and in our initial results, it is easy to see why. This disc has a comfortable feel with both grip, and a smooth consistent release. That of course results in a consistent shot which generally results in some fantastic and consistent accuracy.

So if you’re looking for a quick addition to your bag which is a surefire approach disc, the Buzz is a great answer. It performed well with both backhand and forearm throws in spaces with no obstacles.[/box]

Discraft Buzzz Pro-D Disc Golf Midrange Disc Discraft Buzzz Pro-D Disc Golf Midrange Disc

Discraft Buzzz Pro-D Disc Golf Midrange Disc 2012 – More players agree – Buzzz Pro-D is the best golf disc you can buy and is the most popular in Discraft’s Mid Range line. Period. It is an ultra-dependable, straight flying, beastly midrange driver that you’ll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and versatile, Buzzz will hold any line you put it on, which makes it great for those long approach hyzers or anhyzers. This high-accuracy mid-range driver is modeled after the popular Wasp, but designed to fly straighter. The Buzzz Pro-D has a low profile which makes it a solid performer in windy conditions as well. This disc is made from Discraft’s unique ultra-flexible and super-durable ESP plastic, which combines the strength of the Elite-Z plastic with the improved grip of the Elite-X plastic. The FLX plastic can essentially be folded in half without damaging the disc, thus providing exceptional grip and resulting in shots that sit down. Are you Buzzzed? . Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 187013

If you purchase a Buzzz-Pro-D, and other disc golf discs totaling more than $50, you get free shipping, your best bet for a cheap price tag is through Summit Sports.

If you are looking for an online source to purchase just the Buzz-D, you’ll be better off and will save on shipping by purchasing online. Here are some E-Bay and Amazon links for different variations of the Discraft Buzz.Because it is such a popular disc, it comes in all of the plastic types that Discraft makes.


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