Millennium Omega Super Soft Putter

The Millennium Omega Super Soft putter is one of the best disc golf putters on the market. This disc is super floppy, super soft, and super grippy. You can literally fold this putter in half. My initial impression of the Omega was that there was no substance to it, nothing to hold onto, and that it would make a bad putter.

Before experiencing the Omega, I was most comfortable with very firm putters. Using a fan grip, I had more confidence that I could grip and release firm discs with control so they would go into the basket.

After using the Omega, my attitude towards soft putters immediately changed. This disc is a real winner. From my personal test results, this disc ranks #2 of 22 putters for makes from 25 feet. I was able to make 65% of my 25 foot putts with this disc, well above my overall average of 53.62%. For really close putts, this disc ranks #1 for me. From 15 feet I made 32 of 33 putts with this disc, the only putter I’ve tested that has missed only once.

The Omega Super Soft also makes a decent approach disc and ranked in the top 40% for accuracy from our 150 feet tests. It’s not anything you’ll want to use for distance shots, but is a very straight flying disc. For longer throws it is slightly under-stable and has a very minimal fade.

Compared with other putters, the Omega SS glides smoother and with less effort. This disc is more likely to stick to the chains and drop in the basket. The firm grip and smooth release give you the control and confidence you need to make putts.

If you’re looking to lower your disc golf score, I highly recommend the Millennium Omega. Here are some links to help you purchase it on E-Bay for the lowest possible price:

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2 thoughts on “Millennium Omega Super Soft Putter

  1. I love this putter. I use this and an Innova Rhyno for windy days and I couldn’t be happier.

  2. I use my Omega SS to get me out of tight lines outa the woods. In reality, the Omega SS and the discmania P-line Maniac are both Rancho aviars. At least the ones I own are. I can throw them on any line and they hold. A must have for those 60′ anhyzers around obstacles.

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