Latitude 64 Flow

The Latitude 64 Flow is one of the best distance drivers ever made. This disc has more glide than any other disc we’ve tested. It fly’s fairly straight for a high speed disc and makes a great forehand driver. After doing test throws with more than 70 different golf discs, the Flow ranked #3 for me for forehand distance.

Latitude 64 Flow - Best Distance Disc Golf Driver

When you throw the Flow with the release angle what seems to be too low, it has an amazing ability to keep gliding rather than crash into the ground prematurely. This disc is sleek, smooth, and just plain flows. If you keep your throws low, you probably won’t find a better driver than this one.

Latitude 64 rates the Flow with a speed rating of 11, glide at 6, turn -1, and fade at 2. The flow has a wing length of 22mm which in my opinion is the perfect size. The rim is not to thick nor too thin. The Flow is available in both of Latitudes premium plastics, opto line and gold line. Latitude 64 discs aren’t the cheapest on the market, but these plastics are quality, they are durable and offer a good grip. The Flow we tested is in the gold line.

If you like discs that have smooth releases and go the distance, then the Flow is a must have. Here are a few links to help you find this great distance driver at the best possible price: