Innova “Destroyer”

The Destroyer, by Innova, is the highest speed disc available in the cheap DX plastic. It has high speed (12), good glide (5) and gets excellent distance. The Destroyer has limited turn (-1) and a a pretty healthy fade. If you don’t have good control with your throws, the fade and distance on this puppy may take you places you don’t want to go. If you have some power, and like big distance, this is a disc you’ll want to invest in.

Kirk’s Review of Star Destroyer:

Innova Destroyer Pro I-Dye Disc Golf Driver

The Star Destroyer is Innova’s second hardest plastic, and I love it. With a forearm throw, this disc sails straight through the air for anywhere between 150 – 200 feet and then has a sharp fade to the right which is perfect for getting right around an obstacle. The fade is much sharper if you give the throw more altitude from your launch, and it almost falls right in place of where it’s fade descent begins allowing you to almost drop it anywhere.

With my backhand throws (which I usually throw about 150 feet), it goes for a while and then fades nicely to the left. If you use the fade to your advantage, this is a great disc to utilize on any basket which is going to require a curve.

I love this disc, and it’s perfect for challenging courses with plenty of obstacles. This is not ideal for weaving throw a narrow opening.

The destroyer has a very thick lip, and for the grip I use makes it difficult to accurately make forehand throws. For backhand throws, it has a long and predictable fade to the left. The fade of the destroyer has allowed me to curve my throws, and put me in positions that I otherwise couldn’t do with other discs.