Innova Archangel Review

The Innova Archangel, not to be confused with Arch Angle, is a great distance driver for beginners. This under-stable disc helps compensate for the natural tendency to curve hard to the left (for right-handed back hand throws). With a glide rating of 6, this disc will sail for great distance. It has a high turn rating at -4, and very minimal fade (1). It is one of only two discs with a speed rating of 8 that Innova makes, putting at the low end of distance drivers.

The Archangel has a great sticky grip, and is easy to throw straight. If you need to turn right, but don’t have the forehand shot down the Archangel is a great disc for Anhyzer shots. This disc doesn’t have a thick rim, so isn’t a great disc for forehand shots.

Best of all, this great Frisbee comes in the cheap DX plastic, you can buy it for less than $9. Good discs at an inexpensive price equals win-win.