Innova Cobra

The Cobra is a mid range disc that comes in the inexpensive DX plastic. If you plan to play a round of night golf, you can pay a few more bucks and get it in the glow plastic.

The Innova Cobra is a slow speed (4) understable disc with substantial turn (-2) and fade (2). Despite its slow speed, it will still go a fair distance and has a glide rating if (5).

The Cobra makes a great accurate approach disc, and can be thrown well either backhand or forehand. In our accuracy testing, the Cobra was the fourth rated disc overall. The majority of our throws with the Cobra from 150 feet landed within 15 feet of the basket, setting up an easy putt.

Here is a Cobra review by Summit Sports:

Innova Cobra DX Disc Golf Midrange Disc

Innova Cobra DX Disc Golf Midrange DiscWhen you release the Cobra, in return, you will see accuracy; according to Stan McDaniel, a three-time Maters World Champion. This Innova midrange disc golf disc is created for all skill levels. From the beginning stages to pro, you will enjoy this easily throw able disc. It is said to get better with age, so this the older this disc, the better. It even allows for a good grip for small hands which creates a clean predictable release. The Cobra is a great disc choice for long, slow turning shots and rollers. Features: Beginner friendly, All skill levels, Good for small hands.