Innova Max

DogwithDiscHave you ever had a frisbee golf disc you couldn’t live without? One that feels so good, you want to take it with you wherever you go?

Well. This dog, we’ll call her Tess, has the disc she can’t live without. It’s a dark yellow Innova Max.

Tess is addicted to this disc, and unfortunately dropped it in a pond last week. Without her favorite frisbee, she was “going crazy.” Her owners purchased a new pink disc for her. She refused to even touch it.

They purchased a white disc for her. Not acceptable either.

Finally, after days of frustration they ordered a duplicate (dark yellow) Max from, and had it overnighted to Georgia. After some breaking in (rubbing a little dirt on it),  Tess realized that this Max was just like her lost disc. She is finally happy again and even took it with her to bed last night.

Despite the fact that Tess loves it, the Max is a disc you might love if you’re looking for something SUPER OVERSTABLE. This is a meat hook that will provide some serious fade for even the most powerful arm.

The Max is available in durable yet soft star plastic. It has a thick, but blunt rim (perfect to withstand the wear and tear of a dog).

Any serious disc golfer should have at least one super overstable disc in their bag for dog-leg shots that need a monster fade. Very powerful throwers (of which I am not) may also like the super overstability of the Max when they really want to let a disc rip.

While the Max is good for forehand flick shots, it is not my preferred super overstable disc. For my hand size, there is just something uncomfortable about it with my forehand release. While the Max may travel a little farther than the Monster, the Innova Monster is my preferred super overstable Innova driver.