Innova “Boss”

The Innova Boss is the first, and probably the most popular Speed 13 Distance Driver. It comes in all plastic varieties. The latest greatest thing to happen to the Boss is the new “Blizzard Champion Plastic” which has been used to set the all time distance record.

Blizzard Champion plastic is Innova’s latest thing that allows them to make highly durable golf discs at lighter weights. The lighter weights allow for more distance with less effort. The current record for distance throws was with this light weight Blizzard Champion Innova Boss.

My light weight Boss is one of my favorite discs for distance backhand throws. It has a pretty substantial fade to it (3), so to get maximum distance I have to throw it at a slight anhyzer angle. The light weight makes your throw and release seem effortless. When thrown just right, this disc just keeps on gliding.

If you want to throw like a Boss, the only way to make sure you do it right is with the Innova Boss.