Best Overstable Mid-Range Disc Golf Discs

What is the best midrange disc?

There are more than 50 different mid range discs currently manufactured by major disc golf brands like Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64, Discmania, Gateway, DGA, Vibram, and MVP. So which among all these mid range discs is the best?

Every disc golfer has a different hand size, power, and throwing style, so figuring out the best disc is relative. While we can’t necessarily tell you what the best midrange disc for you is, we can tell you what mid range discs are rated highest. has received more than a thousand different ratings and reviews from disc golfers all over the world. Using these ratings, we will determine the best mid range drivers. Discs are rated between 1 and 5 stars with one being “horrible” and 5 being “must have.”

Best Overstable Mid-Range

For some disc golfers, mid range discs are the most important discs in the bag. These discs are used for everything from drives to approach shots. Most of the highly rated mid range discs are in fact overstable. Disc golfers who have spend years developing throwing technique have outstanding snap and need discs that won’t turn over. This is likely the reason that overstable midrange discs are rated so highly.

The top rated overstable midrange discs include:

Innova Roc - Top Rated Mid Range DriversInnova Roc – the Roc has been a staple in disc golfers bags since the late 1990’s. This popular disc has about 7 different molds. Surprisingly, this disc is still popular in the base DX plastic. Disc golfers like the way the Roc becomes less overstable over time. From the 10 ratings this frisbee has, it has a rating of 4.8 and almost all reviewers rate it as a “must have.” Jared Woullet says this about the Roc:

Best selling disc of all time. What more needs to be said? Ive thrown a vast majority of Mids and like these the most. They just are so consistent, handle wind, power. The rim feels great in the hand. Comes in a wide variety of weights and plastics. For the overstable slot no need to look further. Buy a Roc and be happy.

Discraft HornetDiscraft Hornet – The Hornet is another very overstable mid range that provides the ultimate in flight consistency. This disc comes in ultra durable Z-plastic, so its flight patterns should stay consistent for hundreds of throws. The six reviewers of the Hornet give this disc a high rating of 4.8. Jason says this about the Hornet:

Imagine a Buzzz with less glide and more stability. That is a Hornet. Not for beginners. A good supplement to the Buzzz for windy days or sharp fades. Less fade than Discraft’s Drone or Wasp.

Discraft Drone Overstable MidrangeDiscraft Drone – The Drone is a meathook overstable midrange. This is the disc to combat massive headwinds, and deliver predictable spike hyzers. The Drone is available in inexpensive Pro-D and premium FLX plastic. From 8 votes, the Drone has a rating of 4.63. Here’s what Sean Steele has to say about the Drone.

A wonderful midrange for your most overstable needs. Fights hurricane like headwinds, and can be thrown on an anhyzer line for big sweeping S curve shots. Wider rim than a Buzzz and generally more domey profile. Somewhat of a utility mid but in base plastics can wear into a straight flight. If you need more than a Wasp can offer in stability pick up a Drone.

Discraft WaspDiscraft Wasp – This overstable midrange is one of the few discs that is available in Discrafts premium Titanium plastic. From nine votes the Wasp has a rating of 4.44. Here’s what Kevin Garner has to say about the Roc:

Call me a nonconformist, but I am starting to choose a Wasp over the Roc. The Wasp gets slightly less distance, but makes up for it with a consistent fade. With a little more thickness in the rim a Wasp doesn’t want to roll around your palm like the Roc is susceptible to do either. It seems people want to find flat top Rocs, but the Wasp is already there so quit wasting your time and money paying for a harder to find disc when one already exists that has what you need. Go get a Wasp and be glad you did.

Innova Shark Innova Shark – The Shark is the lowest rated disc in our group, and the least overstable of the bunch. This disc by Innova is available in inexpensive DX plastic that is especially recommended for beginners. From 10 voters, the Shark has a rating of 4.3. While not perfect, this disc is still rated better than “good” by many of the reviewers. Here’s what Shane has to say about the Shark:

It’s brilliant! And scary. I’ve been focusing on throwing more mid-range and have been shocked, SHOCKED, by watching this disc leap from my hand and slowly and methodically make it’s way down the fairway to kill extra strokes in my game. You have to own one. It should be Shark Week every week in your bag.

While there are other overstable mid range discs made by some of the lesser known brands, these five discs have proven ratings. By choosing a top rated golf disc, you’re much more likely to be happy with your purchase.

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  1. I’ve actually been throwing the shark a lot more than the roc. I have one that is beat to death with the label sandblasted off from use. That thing does absolutely everything I want it to. Two of my three longest putts to date have been with the shark.

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