Snowbasin Disc Golf Course in Huntsville Utah

The Snowbasin Disc Golf Course in Huntsville Utah is currently the only disc golf course in the Upper Ogden Valley. According to a few other websites there is also a disc golf course at the Wolf Creek Ski Resort in Eden. After driving to Wolf Mountain, I quickly learned that there is NOT a disc golf course there. There was a temporarily course a few years ago, but according to an old guy who works there, after too many drunk guys rode the lifts and then stumbled down the mountain, they decided that they didn’t want to have a disc golf course…… I made the 20 minute drive over to Snowbasin in Huntsville.

The course at Snowbasin does exist, and it  is located right at the base of the resort, South of the lodge. This course is FREE, and it doesn’t require a lift ticket to get there. Apparently, there used to be more holes that required riding the gondola. These baskets do not currently exist, and the gondola only operates on the weekends during the summer.

Located high in the mountain tops of the Upper Ogden Valley, the scenery at Snowbasin is gorgeous. As a disc golf course itself, this course is average at best.

Sign Giving Hole Distances for Both Pro's and Amatuers

The Snowbasin course has nine holes, and none of them are very long. The longest hole is just 368 feet, with a slight 5 foot elevation change. The course is fairly easy to follow, and you can actually get a FREE course map and scorecard in the Lodge.

There are two different teeing areas one for “Pro’s” and one for “Amateurs.” The labels will boost your ego. They should be labeled “beginners” and “slightly more experienced beginners.” Real pros would probably be really bored by this course. I’m just an average player, and par’d the course playing from the “pro plaza.” I only threw full power drives on the first two holes. Seven of the holes offer an unobstructed flight path directly to the basket. Your disc can turn or fade in either direction and you’ll still be in good position for your approach shot. Only the fifth hole requires navigating around a clump of trees, and it’s just 220 feet from the pro teeing area. The seventh basket is positioned slightly back in a wooded area, and has a ski lift pole that could possibly be an obstacle.

Teeing Area for Pro Tee Boxes

Each hole is well labeled with a sign that tells you the distance to the basket, and the elevation change. Unlike most ski resort disc golf courses, there aren’t any big elevation changes, and no potential for huge distance throws — this course doesn’t require the use of a ski lift. The teeing areas could be improved, especially from the “pro plaza’s.”  Sometimes the pro teeing areas were hard to identify, other times they looked like this —>

Most of this course is located in the open, and there aren’t a lot of trees or shade. On hot days, you will want sunblock and a water bottle. I played this course during late July, and finding my discs wasn’t too difficult. There was grass and weeds all over but only a few areas where the vegetation was tall and dense enough to hide golf discs. On hole number 7, you will want to make sure you don’t fade to far to the left — I spent about 20 minutes suffering the consequences of this mistake.

Overall this is a decent disc golf course at a great location with excellent views. This is a really good course for beginners and golfers just learning to throw. If you’re looking for a challenging disc golf course, or course where you can test your power, this isn’t it. I would recommend this course for anyone who happens to be in the Upper Ogden Valley, but it’s probably not worth driving to just for the disc golf experience.


Address of Snowbasin Disc Golf Course

This course is located right by the lodge of the Snowbasin Ski Resort:
3925 E. Snowbasin RD
Huntsville, UT 84317

Recommended Discs for This Course

This course is not difficult, nor are the holes very long. To get the best score possible I would recommend good accurate mid range discs like the Discraft Buzz and the Innova Gator.

Hole #5 Basket

Hole Distances

Pro, Amateur – Elevation Change

1. 293, 175 – +27 ft, +26 ft

2. 362, 264 – +5 ft, +1 ft

3. 281, 201 – +5 ft, +4 ft

4. 232, 167 – -3 ft, -2 ft

5. 220, 141 – +33 ft, +27 ft

6. 245, 168 – -8 ft, – 5 ft

7. 292, 202 – -11 ft, +1 ft

8. 287, 177 – -39 ft, -26 ft

9. 250, 150 – -10 ft, – 4 ft

Map of The Course

Map of Snow Basin Disc Golf Course

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