Smithfield Utah Disc Golf Course – Sky View High School

There are actually two frisbee golf courses in Cache Valley, if you consider the baskets at Sky View High “a course”.

The Sky View disc golf course is a nine hole course on a soccer field North of the High School. There are actually only three baskets, so to make it nine holes you have to be creative and throw to the same basket from different directions. Fortunately, there aren’t usually people playing the course, so it works. Compared with the very difficult course in Providence, the Sky View course offers a great place for beginners to throw their discs around.

The Sky View disc golf course isn’t just a few baskets on a field. There actually are some obstacles that force you to throw with control and accuracy. While playing you have to be careful not to throw your disc into the locked baseball fields, unless you like climbing fences. Along the East side of the course between what I call holes 3, 4, and 7, there is a canal that you can lose your disc in. If you really let your disc drift or fade it might also end up in some residential back yards.

The Sky View disc golf course is nothing that people are going to travel to play, in fact, it’s one of the worst disc golf courses possible, but it does make for a nice place for residents of North Cache Valley to play the game.

Map of the Course

Here’s How I Make it a Nine Hole Course: View Smithfield Disc Golf Course in a larger map

Breakdown of the holes on the course:

If you play the course as I created on the map, here is the breakdown:

#1. Tee off from the concrete intersection of the sidewalk, and the entrance to the first tennis court. This makes a 406 foot par 3 shot. The basket is up the hill just beyond the concession stand.

#2. Tee off from the concrete pad by the baseball field concession stand. The basket is 317 feet away, almost directly east. Par 3.

#3. Walk north along the canal until you see a flat area by the “no dumping” sign. Tee off from here and you have a 315 foot par 3 shot by playing the same basket you just played for hole #2.

#4. Tee off from the canal road just south of the small wooded tree area. This makes for a 330 par 3 shot to the basket in the South East corner of  the soccer field.

#5. Tee off from the canal road just east of the basket by the “no dumping” sign. This makes for a long 506 foot long par 4 hole, back to the basket you used in hole #1.

#6. Once again, tee off from the concrete pad by the concession stand and go back to the basket you just came from. This is the longest hole on our Smithfield Disc Golf course at 530 feet. Also par 4.

 #7. From the basket head west for about 30 feet, then tee off from a flat area on the corner of the soccer field, back to the north basket by the trees. Distance – 365 Feet. Par 3.

#8. For the eighth hole, tee off from the canal road again, this time just north of the trees parallel to the edge of the softball field. Throw back to the basket used for hole number 1 by the concession stand. The distance to this hole is about 294 feet. Par 3.  

#9. Walk down the field by the dugout of the baseball field. Tee off from the corner, and you have a nice 201 foot uphill shot. Leave your game on a positive note by birdying the final hole. Par 3.  

Course Totals:

3,264 Feet
Par 29

Because the Smithfield Disc Golf course is on the campus of Skyview High, you’re going to have to play it at a time when school is not in session, and there aren’t any sports teams using the baseball, soccer, and tennis fields. Fortunately, school is out during the summer, which is when most disc golf is played. If people are playing tennis, and you’re not the most accurate thrower, you may want to move your first shot up to the third concrete intersection. That makes the first hole a 215 foot par 3 hole.