Art Kelley Park – Soda Springs Idaho

If you’re looking for a good course to test out a disc locating GPS system, this is it. Art Kelley Disc Golf Park in Soda Springs Idaho is a fun disc golf course that has variety of different holes, each of which have dozens of good places to hide discs. If you’ve ever created your own mountainous disc golf course while camping, you’ll have a similar experience as playing Soda Springs.   This course has thick vegetation and tall trees with an amazing ability to catch discs. To say the least, this is not a good course to play by yourself, unless you have a bunch of old discs that you’re looking  to get rid of.

I played this course during a tournament and was amazed by the dozens of found discs players brought back after each round. There was literally a table full of lost and then found discs and certainly even more discs that were just plain – lost.

Enough on the lost disc thing. Lets talk about the actual course. The Soda Springs community has done a great job with this course. Each hole has at least one concrete tee pad (most have two tee locations) and signs with basket distance and useful tips. Despite all the overgrowth of weeds, the course is very well maintained.

This course has a bunch of elevation changes and lots of narrow gaps that require precise accurate shots. Some of the baskets are hundreds of feet below the teepad, and others are require completely blind shots. #14 requires throwing your disc hundreds of feet through a completely narrow tunnel of vegatation that offers no forgiveness.  Some parts are  located on the side of a mountain and require a lot of hiking. There are a handful of very short 175ft or less, holes that are very technical. There are also a few “mostly” open shots where you can just let your disc fly.

If you ever happen to be in Soda Springs, and want to do something besides check out the Geyser and carbonated natural springs, hit this course up. It’s a very fun course and in a scenic location.

Recommended Discs: Bright Colors, and discs you can afford to lose. This course is not recommended for beginners or recreational players.