Lake Walcott State Park

lake walcott state park

Lake Walcott State Park

If you are looking for a good afternoon on a well kept, fun disc golf course which is worth a 25 minute drive away from Burley Idaho, Lake Walcott State Park disc golf course is a fantastic choice.

Lake Walcott’s main purpose is disc golf, with a few pavillions and gazeebo’s placed throughout the park which are perfect for large gatherings, or entertaining children. This means that if you have some kids or family that want to have fun while you do disc golf, this is the best of both worlds – by far!

Other reviews state this course is a hilly course on a few shots – I’ve got to disagree. This course at best has a few shots which will take you up a 10 foot tall terraced section. By no stretch of the word is that hilly.

Some major advantages of Lake Walcott

The course is well groomed. Unless you throw your disc far off target, you’re only going to be searching in a nicely groomed and freshly mowed area.

Because this course is designed for disc golf, it has great rubber launch pads. There are two different basket locations which they rotate between for you to fire at. From what we could tell, it was not completely consistent between all of them being at the A location or B location.

There is a great variety in the baskets on this 21 par course, where there would be shots of over 600 feet, and certain shots of under 250 where slanting or fading your disc just right was crucial.

A few drawbacks of Lake Walcott that we noticed were:

We tested this course in early July and the flying bugs were everywhere! On certain baskets were shots we would make a quick throw to simply get away from all the bugs.

I wouldn’t call this course heavily wooded, but there is a steady placement of trees throughout the course. On certain baskets the low hanging branches prevent you from making a long shot as you either have to fire low and have your shot end early, or you hit branches and have your shot end early. These low branches make getting par quite difficult.[/box]

There is a $5 fee, and they don’t take cards at the gate, so bring cash! They do take cards in the visitors center, but that wasn’t always open. They also sell discs in the visitors center, but to be honest these discs are quite pricey and you’d be better off just purchasing them from a site such as this.