Accuracy Testing

The Accuracy Testing Has Begun

Alan and I have had a ton of fun reviewing the distance of the different discs, but we are putting that on pause for a little while we do some accuracy testing. The reason why we’re going accuracy is because of an injury I sustained while playing Ultimate – we just love anything related to flying discs!

Accuracy Review of Such-and-Such Disc

When review the accuracy of a disc, you will be able to find it in a box which appears similar to this. Watch for it!
To do these tests we are beginning with discs that are considered “mid range” or “approach discs.” This will include putters and any mid speed disc initially, and eventually we will include the high speed discs

Accuracy Testing Methodology

The image below shows the course which we set up when we determine “disc accuracy.”

We begin by setting two points 150 apart from each other, and then we place a series of cones in a circle around the “central cone” each circle increases 10 feet in diameter each time. This this makes the largest circle 80 feet in diameter, which we would all hope is a surefire hit from 150 feet away. In other words, the largest circle is 110 feet from the launching point, the next circle is 120 feet, and so on, until the bulls-eye at 150 feet. The largest circle is worth 1 point, next smallest circle is worth 2, and so on until the bulls-eye which is worth 5 points. We throw each disc twenty times (ten times apiece), and we then average out the scores.

We are actually generally astounded by how consistenly good or bad certain discs are. Which means that these accuracy tests are going to be a huge factor in the quality of discs, and which one you should select while playing. Accuracy is also relative to how familiar you become with a disc, and your throwing style. This means that you may have a disc which performs well for you, but not for us, but at the same time keep this in mind – we are average disc golfers and chances are you probably are too, so our results will probably be applicable to you.

And as always, if you have any comments feel free to let us know below!