Disc Golf Accuracy Testing Remarks

Pointers for Accuracy with Disc golf

Alan and I have been doing our 150 foot accuracy tests, both of us as beginner/intermediate players. Alan has been throwing backhand, I have been throwing forehand. I have been nowhere near the accuracy which Alan has. We are about half way through our initial accuracy tests, and we already have some quick valuable insight.

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Quick points that we’ve learned when trying to be accurate:

  • Throw backhand (from your chest, or so that your target which you are throwing to will see ‘the back of your hand’). While testing accuracy, we aren’t going for power (150 feet is achievable for most players), we just want to land close to our target. This is why forearm just isn’t the best approach – forearm throws are generally for more power.
  • If you must throw forearm, use a shallow rim. It seems that many of the approach discs have a much wider rim, but for throwing forearm, this just isn’t ideal. The throw which you make while throwing wide rim disc forearm is wildly unpredictable.
  • Concentrate, and relax. Yes, doing the two seem impossible at the same time. Stay focused, but avoid the tendency to tense up. A tense throw always leads to a late or early release, and unfocused throws are also inconsistent.
  • Avoid to much height! The higher you throw, the more time you will allow for your disc to turn and fade. Of course, sometimes that’s essential in your throw, and as you understand your disc better you will calibrate accordingly… but the general rule is, avoid the extra height
  • Practice makes perfect. Just head out there and keep going. You’ll have some occasional fantastic shots, and those shots will eventually not just be occasional, but regular. So go out and have fun!
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    With these accuracy tips, hopefully you’ll be able to make some great approaches and position your disc in a fantastic spot to ultimately land in the basket! Best of luck in disc golfing!

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