Innova Monarch Review

The Monarch is an under-stable distance driver made by Innova with an indented groove in the rim. Innova gives it a speed rating at 10, glide rating at 5, a high turn rating of -4, and low fade at 1. It is only available in the super durable Champion plastic. The Monarch is a great driver for beginners, and after our initial tests for forehand distance rates #1.

Normally golf discs with high turn ratings aren’t very good for forehand/sidearm throws. The high speed “snap” associated with the forehand release typically makes discs turn over prematurely and crash into the ground, or become accidental rollers. For whatever reason, the Monarch was able to stay level on our forehand release and glided with incredible distance.

Today was our day to test out the Innova Monarch, and surprisingly this test immediately had the best results to date. Using our forehand throw, the disc flew surprisingly straight with little or no initial turn and next probably the least closing fade which we have seen a disc have yet. We say surprisingly because on the website, Innova claims that this disc is a good go-to disc for “Long Turnover Drives.” In today’s results, we noticed that the Monarch flew straight, and continued with fantastic speed, even on some of the throws which went a little higher than what you would look for in a distance throw.

The question may be asked “is it just us, or is it the disc?” We say that because with all of reviewing, our technique is improving. More distance tests and results will tell. But as far as it goes today, the distance results which we noted are fantastic – averaging over 300 feet! This is our best distance disc to date, combining both distance and accuracy. Right now, this disc gets a ten!

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Here is a link to purchase the Monarch at the best possible price. This disc is an absolute winner for new players who want to see more distance on their drives.