Ann Morrison Park Disc Golf

ann morrison park disc golf

Ann Morrison Park Disc Golf in Boise, ID

Ann Morrison Park is by the best disc golfing within the Boise metro. Every hole in this course is treated as a par 3, which can be a serious challenge, especially as certain baskets require you to throw at full power on both throws to get a decent put in.

This course challenges a users accuracy and distance throws. Certain baskets also give a disc golf enthusiast the opportunity to use a disc which will do some serious fading as you avoid the parks large trees.

The disc golf here was integrated after the completion of the park and in some cases it appears to be as a mere afterthought. But today the disc golf is now one of the main reasons for visits to the park. Depending on when you visit, the park may also be the venue of other forms of recreation, such as Beer Fest, a sponsored city event, or a touring musician. This frequently adds to the disc golf experience as you can enjoy the event through the ambiance of it.

Advantages of Ann Morrison Park

  • For the disc golf enthusiast who likes a clear shot distance throw, this park is perfect. There are several opportunities to showcase your distance throw as well as get a shot where you’ll depend on both a fade to the right and the left.
  • The park is well maintained. There are but only a few opportunities to throw your disc into thick vegetation in search for your disc. As long as you stay in bounds of the park, you’ll be fine.

Drawbacks of Ann Morrison Park:

  • Being the most popular park in the Boise metro, the most common complaint is how crowded the park can get – especially in the evening hours just after work. It won’t be uncommon waiting on disc golfers, but many time consuming golfers are polite and will allow you to play through.
  • The last several baskets are are serious water hazards. Normally this is entertaining, but this water is murky and often times your disc can get lost in only one or two feet of the water. If the disc was travelling at high velocity, it may also get lost in the layer of sludge which is the base of most of these water hazards.