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Some people care about style, image, and name brand. Not me. I care about the price tag. I like the cheap.

In the disc golf world, bags can be really pricey. Many disc golfers literally spend hundreds of dollars on their bags (that’s just for the bag and not the discs inside them.) Having accumulated a large number of “must have discs,” I needed a bag that could hold 20+ discs and purchased the “Lightning Large Bag.” When it comes to large disc golf bags, this thing was far less expensive than anything else I could find. I purchased it for less than $30.

This bag holds about 23 discs, has a variety of different pockets, places to hold your phone, pencil’s, and even a neat accordion thing that keeps your discs from tipping over if you don’t have the bag filled to capacity.

The material seemed to be sturdy, and it appeared as if this made in China product would serve me for many a rounds of Frolf.

About my second time using my Large Lightning Bag, one of the zipper handles broke off. This wasn’t a big deal, It still zipped open and closed, it was just harder to grab onto. I mean the bag still held my discs right?

I tried fixing the zipper with a paper clip, but it soon fell out, so I just lived with the handle-less zipper.

brokenstrapAbout a month later (about four rounds), while in the middle of league play the shoulder strap came completely off and in slow motion I watched as my bag crashed to the ground.

While carrying my bag on my shoulder to finish off the round was annoying, it was nothing I couldn’t fix with a little thread, duct tape, and a paper clip.

My bag was better than new, (more stylish too) and ready to hold my discs.

brokenzipper2Then, just a few weeks later, the zipper to the main compartment stopped interlocking together and left my discs vulnerable to the elements.


When my side pocket zipper broke completely, and hung open like a hungry whales mouth,  I knew it was time to retire the Large Lightning bag.

If you like making repairs to zippers, this might be a great disc golf bag. Otherwise, cheap is the best term to describe the Large Lightning Bag. Cheap in price – cheap in quality.

Now I’m in the market for an “inexpensive” but quality bag. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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