Cache County Fairgrounds Disc Golf Course

cache county fairgrounds disc golf course

New options may be making their way into Cache County, Utah for disc golf. The HDDGA, High Desert Disc Golf Alliance, has been actively playing on the fairgrounds once every three weeks since the start of last summer. The noticable evidence at the Fairgrounds are the trees on the which have been taped around the trunk, one circle low and another circle high, to create a target area. These are the impromptu targets created by the HDDGA for the tri-weekly tournament. Since the course has started to take shape, locals have also started to head to the fairgrounds for some disc golf.

The Cache Fairgrounds is a much more leisure pace course, without the gulleys and high possibility of disc hunting through thick vegetation that is present in the Providence course. Instead, the Cache County Fairgrounds course has a variety of long approaches, narrow corridors to avoid “out of bounds,” minor water hazards (a small slow-moving stream as well)